Forms & Procedures

  • Commercialization of BGSU Products
    The Ohio Revised Code grants that employees of state-supported institutions may be afforded the opportunity to hold personal financial interests in companies commercializing technology developed in conjunction with their research and development activities. This policy sets for procedures and guidelines for that purpose.
  • Patent Policy
    The respective rights and obligations of the University, research sponsors, and inventors relative to inventions resulting from research at the University are defined by this policy.
  • Invention Disclosure
    BGSU faculty and staff are required to disclose any and all discoveries or inventions created with university resources. For further information regarding inventions, proprietary rights, and patents, see the Patent Policy below.
  • Copyright Policy
    This policy identifies the proprietary rights of personnel and of the University in respect to copyrightable materials.
  • Software Disclosure
    BGSU faculty and staff are required to disclose software or multimedia work created with university resources using this form. The information helps the Copyright Committee (see Copyright Policy above) evaluate, protect and potentially transfer or commercialize the intellectual property associated with the work.
  • What to expect when working with Technology Transfer & Services
  • Preparation for meeting with Technology Transfer & Services