Hiring PostDocs & Research Series Faculty

The following instructions describe the process for hiring Post-Doctoral research associates and Research Series faculty members. If you need further assistance with this process, contact the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) at 419-372-2481.

  1. Once a faculty member identifies a suitable candidate to be hired, the department will complete Section A of the Funding Verification and Authorization Form (FV&AF). Sponsoring faculty, chairs and deans must verify by their signatures that adequate funding is available in FMS to support the position (Section B, signatures 1, 2, & 3). After obtaining these signatures, the department must route the form for appropriate review and approvals.
    NOTE: all candidates for postdoc or research professor positions are expected to have met all requirements necessary for their PhD BEFORE their first day of employment at BGSU. BGSU will not authorize contracts until appropriate credentials are received from accredited institutions.
  2. After faculty sponsor, chair and dean have verified available funding in FMS:
    • If funds need to be transferred/reallocated for an internal grant/project (3xxxxxxx), forward FV&AF to OSPR to make changes in FMS and then sign the FV⁡ and/or
    • If funds need to be reallocated for an external grant /project and internal cost-share DCCs , forward FV&AF to Grants Accounting to make changes in FMS and then sign the FV⁡ and/or
    • If a DCC (i.e. start-up, department, etc.) is funding the position, then Department Chair’s signature verifies the availability of funds in the DCC.
  3. After receiving a signed FV&AF, OSPR forwards the FV&AF to the Vice Provost for Research to be signed. OSPR will retain the FV&AF for further processing until a contract can be issued.
  4. Faculty sponsor/department staff sends a Declaration of Materials Assistance (DMA) form to the candidate. When completed and returned, DMA is sent to OSPR (Fax/PDF is acceptable, with understanding that original will soon follow.). OSPR staff record the date the DMA was received and reviewed.
  5. OSPR informs the faculty member that a verbal offer may be extended to the candidate.
  6. The faculty sponsor/department staff requests CV, transcripts, and new employee data sheet from candidate and sends documents to OSPR.
  7. If visa services are required, direct the candidate to the Center for International Programs (419-372-2247) to validate employment eligibility, I-9, etc.
  8. OSPR reviews the CV, transcripts, new employee data sheet, and coordinates with the Center for International Programs to verify the candidate’s eligibility to work in the U.S. OSPR records and initials receipt of each item. Upon receipt of all required documentation, OSPR issues a contract to the department, along with a copy of the completed FV&AP.
  9. The faculty sponsor signs the contract and routes it, along with the FV&AP copy, to the Department Chair and College Dean for signatures. Contract is forwarded to OSPR with those signatures.
  10. OSPR conducts a final review, and the Vice Provost for Research signs the contract.
  11. The Vice Provost for Research forwards the contract, along with the FV&AP copy to the Academic Affairs Director of Budgets for review and then to the Provost to be signed.
  12. The signed contract is returned to OSPR for the candidate to sign.
  13. OSPR coordinates with the Center for International Programs on securing the employee’s signed I-9.
  14. The contract is forwarded to Human Resources for processing with a copy of the approved FV&AF and New Employee Data Sheet. Copies are sent to the candidate, PI, Department, College, OSPR and Grants Accounting.
  15. Human Resources loads employee and benefits into payroll system and forwards contract to Payroll.
  16. Payroll verifies data and processes pay. Payroll returns original contract to OSPR after processing.

* If you wish to process a contract addendum, please contact OSPR.