How We Help

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research assists and coordinates the administrative activities related to:

  • Proposal Development and Budgeting including the monitoring of cost-share requests and identifying sources of university commitment
  • University Review and Approval Process for external submissions including obtaining the final signature of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development—the official who is authorized to bind the institution to terms and conditions of grants and contracts
  • Development of contracts and subcontracts under collaborative grants and contracts

Submitting a grant proposal

If you are making a request to an external agency for funding to support a sponsored program you are required to submit the request through the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research. The request must have the formal endorsement by the appropriate University officials. Our office will guide you through the endorsement and award processes.

Working with our university departments and officials

Our office will coordinate the proposal submission and work with other research administration offices to obtain appropriate commitments and authorizations.

Accepting grants or awards

The Office of Sponsored Programs and Research handles all grant and contract awards to ensure proper acceptance.

Negotiating Agreements

Sponsored program and research agreements are negotiated between the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research and the external agency on your behalf. The terms of those agreements will be binding on all University participants in the project, including faculty, staff and students. It is never appropriate for you to negotiate the terms on behalf of the institution or to sign an agreement. There is only one authorized university representative for grant and contract activity: Vice President for Research and Economic Development.