Neutral Facilitation of Planning Processes


CRD serves as a respected, trusted, and neutral convener of economic and community development stakeholders. This is most evident during our State of the Region Conference. Our staff are experienced strategic facilitators and can effectively guide your planning process to produce clear results. CRD offers the dual benefits of regional expertise and impartiality as a facilitator of:

  • Planning Processes
  • Focus Groups
  • Public Meetings


Williams County 2020: A Health Equity and Economic Strategy

CRD along with a team of researchers from the School of Public and Allied Health at BGSU is working with the Williams County Department of Public Health to develop a health equity focused economic strategy for Williams County. Building on the findings of the 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), this strategy seeks to address the community’s economic development needs from a Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) perspective to build a holistic strategy for long-term community vitality. This project illustrates an integrated approach to rural economic and community development that recognizes the interdependence of social and economic goals.

Williams County Health District