Assessing Economic and Community Impacts


CRD performs economic impact analyses for a wide range of partners and activities. An economic impact analysis illustrates how a specific change in a region will impact jobs, income, economic output, and tax revenue. The CRD research team also analyzes qualitative impacts, which uncover additional effects. The analyses serve as important decision-making tools and can help communicate the benefits of a course of action. CRD analysts specialize in analyzing an assortment of actions and entities including, but not limited to:

  • Business Impacts
  • Industry Impacts
  • Event Impacts
  • Policy Impacts


TARTA Impact Analysis

The Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce engaged CRD to conduct an analysis to determine the contributions of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) to the local economy. The study provided an impact analysis of the operations, employment, and capital expenditures of TARTA on the economy of the local service area. The report also examined the qualitative benefits of the transit system derived in part from rider and key stakeholder interviews. View the full report.

tarta analysis rs 

Ohio's Creative Economy 

Ohio Citizens for the Arts, a nonprofit arts advocacy organization, in partnership with CRD, commissioned a study to capture the power and impact of Ohio’s creative economies. CRD completed an economic impact analysis of the arts and creative industries in Ohio. The study found that these industries account for more than $41 billion in economic activity, support more than 289,000 jobs, and generate over $4.5 billion in tax revenue annually. View the full report.

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