Economic Recovery Readiness Snapshots

With its funding from EDA through the CARES Act, CRD has developed Economic Recovery Readiness Snapshots for each of the 29 counties in Northwest Ohio. The snapshots are intended to be a quick-look reference for county-level data related to the ongoing COVID-19 economic disruption. Unemployment metrics, labor force participation, and remote working capacity, among other data points, are briefed within the Snapshots. Additional information regarding data sources and interpretation can be found in the compendium linked into the bottom right hand corner of each Snapshot. The snapshots will be updated periodically as the economy recovers. 

For more in-depth analysis on COVID-19 impacts to support applications for federal or state funding or other regional initiatives, please contact Economic Recovery Program Coordinator Ben Hooper at or 419-372-7843.

Select a county below to view and download its Economic Recovery Readiness Snapshot.