Economic Recovery and Resiliency in Northwest Ohio

CRD, along with its partners at Ohio University, recently received a $300,000 supplemental award from the EDA through the CARES Act to provide extra capacity for recovery and resiliency-building projects in the region. As a result of this award, CRD is offering reduced cost and free assistance for economic recovery and resiliency planning to some organizations and communities in our primary service area.

Recovery and Resiliency Assistance


Recovery and Resiliency Planning


Grant Application Assistance


Economic Recovery Readiness Snapshots


Public Engagement Facilitation

Economic Recovery Readiness Snapshots - Coming Soon!

The CRD research team is developing brief guides on economic recovery and resiliency for each county in our primary service area, which will include key data visualizations and best practices.

COVID-19 Resources

Our COVID-19 resource pages include resources and tools to assist local governments, businesses, and workers as they recover from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.