Register for Fall 2017

Any student who has a valid BGSU e-mail account may register for Fall classes on the web using My.BGSU. Fall 2017 continuing registration begins March 27, 2017 and open registration begins April 7, 2017. Check your MyBGSU Student Center beginning February 27, 2017 for specific date/time when you may begin to register for classes. For full listings of registration system hours and dates of availability, click HERE

Beginning February 27, 2017, view the Fall schedule of classes, click HERE.

Those students without BGSU e-mail accounts (such as new undergraduate Guests, former students, Graduate Non-degree students, Graduate degree-seeking students) will be sent instructions on how to sign up for their BGSU e-mail account on-line once their application has been submitted and approved. Undergraduate Guests, former (readmitted) students, and Graduate Non-Degree students should obtain an application by clicking HERE.

When the BGSU email account is obtained, the student may register on the web using MyBGSU, Student Services Center. If a student wishes to submit a registration request form for Spring, they may do so beginning April 7, 2017, using the link below.

Registration request form


For further information, send email to: .

Please include your name, BGSU I.D. number, and contact information.



Last Updated: 2.8.17