Student Access to Mid-Term Grades

Mid-Term Grades – Student View

Instructors will be able to post mid-term grades beginning the sixth week of classes through the eighth week of classes.

Students may view Mid-term Grade information via the Student Center in MyBGSU.


In Student Center, select the Other Academic field, pull down and select “Grades” 


The student may then click the Mid-term Grades tab.

The Mid-Term Grades tab appears when the student has one or more mid-term grades reported for the term selected.

If at least one mid-term grade has been submitted, the Mid-Term Grades tab will appear on the View My Grades page. Mid-term grades do not affect the student’s term statistics nor do they appear on the student’s transcript.


The mid-term grade is available for viewing in the Mid Term 1 column.


If the student does not have one or more mid-term grades reported, the page will appear as below.


Questions regarding Mid-Term Grades may be directed to




Last Updated: 10.29.14