Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Grade Submission in CSS


A:  Entry may be completed via Faculty Center in MyBGSU.

A: Faculty Self Service is the location in which BGSU faculty members will find Class Roster, Grade Roster, and Advisee information along with other useful functions.

A:  Quick Reference Guide for entering grades using Faculty Center.

A:  No, you do not be on campus in order to enter grades. Grade entry may be completed from any location where you have access to a web browser.

A:  Grade entry is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Grade Roster Availability, Submission Deadlines and Grade Recording

A:  Once a Grade Roster is available for a course, the Grade Roster icon will appear in the column to the left of the course name. The legend above the Teaching Schedule header will show you which icon represents the Grade Roster.

A:  This icon is provided as a reference to indicate the purpose of each icon. Once a Grade Roster is available, you will find a Grade Roster icon to the left of each course name.

A:  You may enter grades for a semester once the Grade Roster for the course is available in Faculty Center.  Typically the Grade Roster will be available the Monday prior to finals.

A:  In general, the deadline for entering grades for a semester will be the Wednesday following finals week. (Exceptions to this will be communicated to faculty.)

A:  After 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline, Registration and Records will

  • post any grades saved on Grade Rosters
  • populate a grade of NGR (no grade) for any grade not recorded or saved on the grade roster
  • will do a final post of all final grades
  • once this occurs, an instructor will need to complete a Grade Change to report the final grade in the course

A:  Once you have completed grade entry and selected "Post", the grades are immediately available for the student to view. At that time, the grade will also impact the student's GPA calculation.

A:  Grades will appear on the official transcript the day after the term grade deadline.

A: This grade submission process will currently be used for final grade submission only.

A:  The mid-term grade reporting process will currently remain unchanged.

A:  Grade changes will continue to be handled through the same department initiated process.

A:  You may submit the final grade to the Office of Registration and Records up until the deadline for incomplete grades. After that deadline, the faculty member will need to request an extension of time for the incomplete to be completed.

Faculty Center Specific

A:  Contact Registration and Records at 419-372-8232.

A:  Yes, you may enter grades for a portion of your class and then select Save to save this work. You may then log out return at a later time to complete grade entry.

A:  Various people as designated on the Schedule of Classes may enter grades.  There are three levels of approval - Grade - Approve - Post - and the names associated with each level may be viewed in CSS.  Only the primary instructor, in most cases, will have the ability to approve and post the final grade.
To view the roles for each course, log in to CSS and select Curriculum Management > Schedule of Classes > Maintain Schedule of Classes.  Enter the appropriate class information on the search page and once you are looking at the class information, click on the "Meetings" tab.  Under the bar Instructors for Meeting Pattern, the instructor name and EMPLID are listed, as well as their Role and Access.

A:  The Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Affairs has confirmed that the instructor of record must complete entry of grades for their course - responsibility for this duty may not be delegated.

A:  If a student does not appear on your class roster, this student will need to contact their college office to have the course added to their schedule.

A:  For Undergraduate students: the student should be given the final grade of 'ATN'. For Graduate students: the student should be given the final grade of 'WF'. In addition you are required by Federal regulations regarding Student Financial Aid to report the student’s last date of attendance. This information may be entered on the final grade roster.

A:  Multiple instructors may have access to record and review grades for a course. The primary instructor will have the ability to do this as well as approve and post.

A:  Yes, prior to submission a grade must be entered for every student on the Grade Roster. If a grade is not available at the time of grade submission a grade of INC or NGR should be selected, depending on each student’s situation.

A:  The system will not let you post the grade roster if a grade is missing.

A:  Prior to selecting Post, it is possible to make changes to the grades entered.

In Faculty Center, be sure the Status is Not Reviewed and then correct the error. Save and change the Status to Approved if you are ready to Post the grades.

Once Post has been selected, you may no longer make changes within the system. After this point in time, all grade changes will need to be submitted using the Change Grade process.

A:  The system completes a Save of entries when the Save button is selected, there is no AutoSave feature.

A:  Once you have selected "Post" your grades have officially been entered and students are able to view their grades.

A:  Once Post has been selected, you may no longer make changes within the system. After this point in time, all grade changes will need to be submitted using the Change Grade process.

A:  The Status Levels are:

  • Not Reviewed - in the Not Reviewed status, you may enter and/or change grades in the Roster Grade column and the Post button is not available in this status.  Be sure to select Save to save the grades as they are being entered.
  • Approved - in the Approved status, grades have been entered and Saved and the Post button is available.  From this Status Level it is possible to change the Approval Status back to Not Reviewed in order to make changes.
  • Ready for Review - the Ready for Review status will close the roster for entry and changes, securing the input grade information while it is reviewed.  

Always be sure to save the input data prior to leaving the application in order to avoid the loss of input data.

Once grades have been Posted, they will appear in the Official Grade column and the Status column will show Posted.

A:  Prior to selecting Post, it is possible to make changes to the grades entered.

If you have entered your grades, selected Save and changed the Status to Approved and then notice an error, you may change the Status back to Not Reviewed and make the change.

A: The Grade Change process is originated from within each department. Please see your department office for details on this process.

A:  You can print the roster from the browser or there is a Printer Friendly Version button at the bottom of the roster.

A:  Once grades have been successfully submitted, the grades will appear in the Official Grade column and "Posted" will appear Status column on the far right.

A:  No official confirmation communication will be provided, you can check to see that Posted appears in the Status column to confirm your grade submission.

A:  The submitted grade will continue to appear in the Roster Grade Column. The Official Grade will display if there are subsequent changes from what was originally posted.

A:  Yes, please contact the Office of Registration and Records at, 419-372-8232.