Falcon Fresh

Frequently Asked Questions About Falcon Fresh

What is Falcon Fresh?

Falcon Fresh is a Department of Recreation and Wellness initiative to pass a tobacco-free policy at Bowling Green State University in an effort to promote the highest levels of health and well-being for all who live, work, or learn on campus.

What does tobacco-free mean?

The use of tobacco products of any kind would be prohibited on all University grounds if this policy is adopted. This includes, but is not limited to: parking lots, vacant University buildings, or any area with University landscaping.

Who would be affected by a tobacco-free policy?

All employees, students, visitors, vendors, and contractor are affected by the policy. 

What is considered a tobacco product and therefore prohibited by the policy?

Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, cigars, snuff, water pipes, pipes, hookah, chew, and any other combustible tobacco product would be prohibited.

Why go tobacco-free?

Smoking is one of the largest causes of illness and premature deaths in the United States. Research findings indicate that nonsmokers who are regularly exposed to tobacco smoke are also at an increased risk of illness.

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