Risk Factors

Prescription Drug Abuse Risk Factors

Common risk factors of prescription drug abuse include the following as provided by Cardinal Health and Generation Rx:

  •  “Some prescription drugs can be extremely addicting.”
  •  “About 100 Americans die every day from unintentional drug overdoses, mostly resulting from prescription drug abuse, equating to about one death every 15 minutes.”
  •  “A growing campus culture of self-diagnosis and self-prescribing has the potential to cause negative health effects and lead to the dangers of prescription drug abuse.”
  •  “Students who use prescription drugs non-medically have a significantly higher risk for drug abuse.”
  • "When you share your prescription medications with others, you could be liable if that person is harmed."
  • "Using medications like Vicodin®, Adderall®, or Xanax® that aren't prescribed for you is against federal and state laws."


* For more information Visit: The Generation Rx Initiative