Wellness Champs

WellAware is recruiting volunteers to serve as Wellness Champions for their department. Wellness Champions are ambassadors for WellAware and their main responsibility is sharing program information and encouraging healthier habits within their work areas. Being a Champion is a great opportunity to assist with wellness initiatives and build a wellness culture on campus.  The time commitment is minimal and you do not need to be the healthiest person in your department. A great Wellness Champion is someone who is enthusiastic about improving their health and motivating others to do the same. Wellness Champion Flyer (PDF)

If you are interested in becoming a Wellness Champion, please contact Karyn Smith at karync@bgsu.edu.

As a team of Wellness champions, your main responsibility is to motivate colleagues to engage in wellness activities and positive behaviors to achieve healthier lifestyles and improve a work-life balance. Champions are advocates of the WellAware Program and they do this by actively promoting the program, encouraging coworkers to take part in wellness initiatives, providing feedback and suggestions to the WellAware Committee along with nurturing a wellness culture.

The job of wellness champions is to encourage a culture of health through leadership, enthusiasm and camaraderie. Below are a few qualities of effective wellness champions:

  • Passionate about health and wellness but not fanatical. Someone who models desired behaviors but doesn’t judge those who are just starting on the path to wellness.
  • Confident and credible. Someone that coworkers can turn to with confidence and feel comfortable approaching with questions.
  • Friendly and approachable with a positive attitude. Someone who inspires and encourages others with contagious enthusiasm. A sense of humor and a smile go a long way.
  • Effective communicator and good listener. Someone who can impart information about the program and provide feedback. A key role of a wellness champion is to advocate for policies and initiatives that enhance the wellness program for their team or unit.
  •  Walks the talk. Someone who practices what he or she preaches and leads by example. You don’t need to be a healthy “Rock Star” or the fittest person in your department as that can be intimidating. Some of the best wellness champions have health goals they are working towards and can share their struggles and/or success stories with others.
  • Caring and committed to the goals of wellness. Someone who is empathetic and truly believes in the benefits of the wellness program. A great wellness champion takes their job seriously and makes herself/himself available to help others achieve healthier lifestyles.
  • A team player. Someone who recognizes that building a culture of wellness requires getting everyone on board. Being a good teammate requires the ability to contribute to the overall performance of the team.


Wellness Champions are asked to volunteer for at least one year and the time commitment is minimal.

Champions are asked to:

  • Distribute information as you receive it from the WellAware Coordinator. For example, display marketing and educational materials in your work area and make announcements about wellness news and events in staff meetings or via email.
  • Take part in at least one WellAware event/program per semester
  • Attend Wellness Champion meetings (usually 2 per year)
  • Help your colleagues learn about and get involved with WellAware