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Recreation and Wellness makes a difference in the lives of students at BGSU and the community. This page overviews information collected through three annual research sources: the BGSU Office of Institutional Research base data regarding first year, full time freshman student enrollment; a satisfaction survey conducted by Recreation and Wellness, and entry data from Recreation and Wellness facilities and program enrollment records. 

Recreation and Wellness Patron Visit Averages (2014-2015)

Student Recreation Center

Over 500,000 visits/year
Monday-Friday: 2,000 visits/day
Saturday-Sunday: 850 visits/day

Perry Field House

Over 175,000 visits/year

Forrest Creason Golf Course

Over 250 members/year
30,000 rounds/year


Percentage of Student Recreation Center Visitors by Time of Day (2014-2015)


BGSU student visits to the Student Recreation Center increase each hour throughout the day with the largest percentage entering the facility between the hours of 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Community patron visits to the Student Recreation Center are highest between the hours of 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM, 11 AM - Noon, and 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM; and remain at a consistent level during other hours of the day.

Recreation and Wellness Pass Holder Statistics (2014-2015)

BGSU Student Pass Holders

Full-time BGSU students (15,700*) are granted access to the Student Recreation Center and Perry Field House. Part-time students (1,200*) are eligible to upgrade to a full membership with a nominal fee based on hours enrolled.

*US News (2013)/BGSU Institutional Research

  • Student SRC User Gender: 53% males; 47% females
Non-Student Pass Holders

There are currently over 830 non-student pass holders.

  • Age Range: 4-87 years of age
  • Gender: 58% males; 42% females
  • Residence
    • 61% live in Bowling Green
    • 78% live in Wood County
    • 11% live in surrounding counties

Get Involved, Stay Engaged, Achieve Success: Recreation's Impact on Recruitment and Retention

This video presentation was designed to showcase the data acquired by the research conducted by BGSU Recreation and Wellness to compare students who participate in RecWell programs with those who do not. Further, the goals of the video were to go beyond simply reporting the GPA and retention data by outlining to students the importance of being engaged and graduating from college, and the opportunities offered in recreation to do so.

Recreation Wellness Participant Demographics and Full-Time Freshman GPA and Retention Data

BGSU Recreation and Wellness 2014-2015 Data Flyer
BGSU Recreation and Wellness 2014-2015 Data Flyer

Click on the above images to download the full size PDF.

The Influence of Recreation Programming on Retention and GPA

All data was collected by the BGSU Office of Institutional Research. Data is representative of first-time, full-time students who started at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Fall 2012. View the article Collegiate Recreation Participation and Retention (PDF) for further information on recreation and retention at Bowling Green State University. 


Social Media Statistics 




Website Statistics

45,000 monthly page views

Recreation and Wellness BGSU Student Green Initiatives Fund

Recreation and Wellness and the BGSU Office of Campus Sustainability boast a long standing history of partnership and collaboration.

The BGSU Student Green Initiative Fund purchased or contributed to the following sustainable features within the Student Recreation Center:

  • Elkay Water Bottle Hydration Stations: Hands-free, high speed fill encourages use of reusable water bottles. Digital counters note how many plastic bottles have been deferred from landfills. Over 160,000 water bottle re-fills occur each semester at the Student Recreation Center.
  • Woodway Curve Treadmills | Past and Present Select Elliptical Machines: Cardio machines utilizing zero electricity; completely powered by the user.
  • LED Lighting: Throughout the Student Recreation Center, energy efficient lights result in a lower carbon footprint and reduced energy costs.

Student Green Initiatives Fund Logo

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