Who can go on the trips?

All BGSU students, faculty and staff are eligible, along with any other intereted participants who are at least 18 years of age. 

Do I need to have experience in the type of trip being offered (climbing, canoeing, hiking, etc.)?

Almost all Outdoor Program trips allow for everyone from the first time novice, through an experienced participant, to enjoy the outing. Specific information is provided on the Trips page in advance of the departure date. 

What is the difficulty level of these trips?

Most Outdoor Program trips are of a low to moderate difficulty level. Information is available on the Trips page, listing the difficulty level as: low, moderate or high.

What equipment does the Outdoor Program provide?

For overnight trips the Outdoor Program provies tents, sleeping pads and bags, stoves, pans and other camping equipment. Canoes/kayaks, personal floatation devices (PFD) and paddles are provided for water activities. The Outdoor Program also provides all ropes, harnesses, shoes, helmets and other equipment for climbing and/or rappelling trips. All other equipment (such as day backpacks, cameras, water bottles, etc.) is provided by participants, with recommendations from Outdoor Program staff. 

What clothing should I wear and pack for changes in weather?

Participants provide their own clothing. Each trip varies based on type of activity, season, ect. Specific information is provided on the Trips page in advance of the departure date.

How far away are these trips and when do we leave and return?

Each trip lists the distance to destination, along with anticipated travel time. 

What transportation is provided?

For off-campus trips, the Outdoor Program will provide van transportation driven by trained staff. 

What about food and meals on the trip?

The Outdoor Program provides dinner at the campsite for overnight trips. All other food at restaurant stops while traveling, along with breakfast, lunches and snacks on the trip are provided and paid for by participants. The Outdoor Program staff will make recommendations on types and quantities of food to pack. 

What does overnight camping include?

Part of the fun of being outdoors is experiencing nature, so most sites used by the Outdoor Program are classified as "primitive". Sites typically have space for Outdoor Program tents, with nearby access to water and "pit" toilets.

How do I register and pay for a trip?

Online registration and payment for BGSU students and those with an active RecWell membership is available through RecTrac. All participants can also register and pay at the Student Recreation Center welcome desk or the Perry Field House.

How do I get prepared for the trip?

Paperwork and additional information is supplied via email and/or a pre-trip meeting held on the BGSU campus. Specific information is provided on the Trips page in advance of the departure date.

What would cause a trip to be cancelled?

Trips will take place unless a minimum number of participants is not reached by the deadline. Weather or other travel issues/advisories could delay or cancel a trip. Cancellations will be comunicated to participants as far in advanced as possible.