WERQ Dance Fitness

WERQ® (pronounced "work") is the wildly addictive dance fitness class that blends athletic dance moves with the hottest pop, rock, and hip-hop music. Since its 2011 debut in Chicago, WERQ has been featured as one of the hottest workouts in the US. WERQ makes dance accessible to every level of participant and includes quality instruction by Certified WERQ Instructor, Claire Semer. Beyond being easy to follow, WERQ is an effective cardio class that feels more like a dance experience than a workout.  

7 Health Benefits of WERQ

The most effective workouts are the ones you can stick to. With fresh pop, rock, and hip-hop beats and new moves every week, WERQaholics plan their week around WERQ. The draw of new routines and the hottest music is hard to resist.

The primary goal of a WERQ class is to build strong, efficient hearts. WERQ is specifically designed to keep WERQaholics moving from start to finish, moving from one heart-pumping routine to the next. The cardio dance routines are repetitive and scalable, so anyone can achieve the appropriate level of intensity.

Studies show that adults who learn choreography are exercising the brain as well as preventing memory loss and dementia.

Exercise is proven to cause an endorphin rush that boosts energy levels. WERQ provides that healthy punch of energy better than any cut of coffee!

WERQ values building confidence in WERQaholics with achievable choreography that sets people up for success. Success is sexy, and in WERQ dance fitness classes, we own it. This attitude carries over and brings swag to real life in unexpected ways.

WERQ choreography is designed to keep students moving, smiling, sweating, and torching calories from start to finish. Each week new routines are added to keep students engaged, learning, and exploring new movement patterns all in the name of calorie-crushing cardio.

The mood boosting power of a WERQ dance fitness class is undeniable, and WERQaholics frequently refer to WERQ as their "therapy." Life go you down? Shift your mood from gloom to happy glow with 45 minutes of WERQ!

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See What WERQaholics are Saying About BGSU WERQ Classes

I love Claire’s WERQ class! As a runner, I don’t take a lot of cardio classes, but WERQ definitely helps me work up a sweat. It’s also a great stress reliever; the music is current and fun, and Claire makes the class feel open to everyone, even if they don’t have a dance background. I don’t have a dance background at all, and I can totally follow along. Plus, I end up getting over 7,000 steps just from class. WERQ is my favorite way to end the work week!

Amy Lorenz
General Manager, Capstone Properties

I have been attending WERQ since 2015. It’s a moderate to high cardio fitness program that includes the dance styles- hip hop and freestyle. I love WERQ because it’s a perfect example of isotonic exercise, which helps for whole body toning, endurance, and weight loss. WERQ follows the principle of progression to improve the fitness levels by continually increasing the physical demands to reach an optimum level of overload. It helped me to improve my fitness levels by adapting my body to high intense cardio. Claire is an excellent instructor, and her training inspired me to continue doing WERQ. I will definitely become a WERQ instructor one day!

Srihimaja Nandamudi
Ph.D. Candidate, Speech Science

I started my first WERQ class in January 2016 and immediately fell in love with this fun dance workout based on great music. The dance moves are sometimes high cardio, quick, powerful, and sometimes elegant, sexy, and relaxed. The music is always the biggest attraction for me because you can move your body to the newest song you just heard from elsewhere. Claire is a wonderful instructor, always confident, energetic, and easy-going. She shares her insights and tips on exercising and life! She is one of the reasons that I don't skip a WERQ class.

Xinxin Jiang
Ph.D. Candidate, American Culture Studies

WERQ is one of my favorite classes being offered at the SRC! We are always learning new songs, which keep the class fresh and interesting. I like when I fall in love with a new song on the radio, and then find out it’s being added to our WERQ routine. Claire creates an environment where you can relax and just dance. Even if we are learning a new song and I am completely lost, I know no one is there to judge. Claire is always so positive and full of energy; she makes it so I look forward to working out!

Linda Peralez
Visual Communication Technology Major


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