Student Employment


The Department of Recreation and Wellness employs students to work at the Student Recreation Center (SRC), and the Perry Field House (PFH). Through eight primary programming areas, students are offered beginning career development opportunities and practical leadership experiences. Department-wide jobs are classified in a consistent manner based on experience and certifications required to enter the position as well as the leadership, decision-making and supervisory functions necessary to perform the role. Read more about the experiences of Recreation and Wellness student employees.

Apply Online to be considered for employment. Applications are welcome any time throughout the year and are reviewed as positions become available. 

Area Position Application Link Staff Contact/Email
Aquatics Health and Safety Instructor
Learn-To-Swim Instructor
Online Form
Gary Layne 419.372.8343
Fitness Personal Trainer
Group Exercise Instructor
Online Form
Karyn Smith 419.372.9309
Wellness Connection
Wellness Connection Attendant
Safe Communities Attendant
Online Form Faith DeNardo 419.372.9351
Marketing Marketing Attendant
Positions meet VCT CO-OP Requirements
Online Form Lona Leck
Student Recreation Center
Customer Service Attendant
Facility Attendant
Online Form Dave Hollinger
Perry Field House
Perry Field House Attendant
Online Form Thad Long 419.372.8343  
Intramural Sports
Intramural Manager Online Form Thad Long 419.372.2464  
Outdoor Program
Climbing Wall Attendant
Trip Attendant
Online Form Thad Long 419.372.2146  
Youth and Family Camp Counselor
Event Planner
Online Form Thad Long 419.372.8110  

Contact the individual listed above for specific hiring timelines or additional information.

For more information about employment policies and opportunities available to students, visit the BGSU Career Center.

As a result of their employment through Recreation and Wellness, students will:

Demonstrate Intellectual and Practical Skills by:

  • Critically and constructively thinking
    • Solving problems creatively
    • Making value-based decisions
    • Applying knowledge in practical ways
  • Effectively communicating
    • Producing clear and concise written and oral communication
    • Responding with tact, diplomacy, and composure
  • Engaging others in action
    • Role modeling success
    • Learning, developing, and demonstrating leadership skills

Develop General and Specialized Knowledge by:

  • Accepting responsibility for the well-being of oneself, family, and community
  • Relating co-curricular experience to educational experience and vice versa
  • Applying expertise in chosen discipline to solve problems in societal and work related situations
  • Developing a meaningful and personal career action plan
  • Recognizing opportunities to apply specialized skills in different areas

Practice Personal and Social Responsibility by:

  • Improving cultural competence through the interaction and inclusion with others different from oneself
    • Acknowledging, respecting, and being open to difference
    • Making an effort to understand the ideas, values, and beliefs of others
    • Advocating for social justice
  • Exploring one's strengths and weaknesses as they relate to values and ethics
    • Developing and valuing financial literacy
  • Learning and practicing preventative health behaviors

Integrate, Apply, and Reflect through:

  • Synthesizing and associating the connection between, learning, experiences, and skills
  • Integrating knowledge to assess strengths and develop personal autonomy
  • Reflecting upon and discussing shared and individual experiences in group settings
  • Developing the ability to assess and evaluate organizational and personal performance to enhance success