Recreation and Wellness student employees and graduate assistants represent the deparment and Bowling Green State University with pride through attendance and by conducting presentations as attendees of local, state, and national conferences. The list below highlights recent events.

  * Indicates presentation given at the conference.

2014 Ohio Recreational Sports Association (ORSA)

Cleveland State, OH - October 2014

  • Professional Staff: Terry Carver, Lona Leck, Thad Long* Presentation Information [PDF], Dave Hollinger*, Micha Alt*, Scott Sehmann
  • Graduate Assistants: Vince D'Ettorre*, Chris Irvine*, Rebecca Mabile*
  • Student Employees: Veronica Rasicci, Ryan Wong

2014 Midwest Outdoor Leadership Institute

2014 Fit Fest

2014 BACCHUS Conference

2014 NIRSA

Nashville, TN - April 2014

  • Professional Staff: Steve Kampf, Lona Leck*
  • Graduate Assistant: Katie Hatch*

2014 American College Personnel Association (ACPA)

  • Graduate Assistant: Kelsey Gabbard

2014 Student Lead-On: An Affiliation of NIRSA

University of Michigan, January 2014

  • Graduate Assistants: Tony Haddad, Rebecca Mabile, Katie Hatch
  • Student Employees: Emily Skorupski, Veronica Rasicci, Ryan Wong, Whitney Pellham

2013 Ohio Recreational Sports Association (ORSA)

University of Toledo, October 2013

  • Professional Staff: Steve Kampf*, Faith Yingling*, Lona Leck*, Thad Long*, Scott Sehmann*, Jerome Gabriel*
  • Graduate Assistants: Sarah DeWitt*, Chris Irvine*, Kelsey Gabbard*, Tony Haddad, Stephanie Saliga*
  • Student Employees: Whitney Pellham*, Anne Yenrick, Veronica Rasicci