Sidewalk Hero Faculty Information


Sidewalk Hero is the software that facilitates the procurement and distribution, i.e., “adoption” of course materials, such as textbooks. Hero is a course materials discovery and adoptions management platform that allows faculty to communicate content requirements, recommendations, and options directly to students.


Faculty members access Hero for each of their courses and indicate 1) whether or not course materials are required, and if so, 2) the required or preferred materials, and 3) student options for acquiring the materials. Students access Hero via their MyBGSU portal and use Hero to compare options and costs, and order materials directly from providers.


*Hero Access Workaround for faculty who do not yet have access to MyBGSU


Faculty Orientation Video
Course Coordinator Orientation


  • Single sign on through the MyBGSU portal
  • Students see price comparison options for ordering or renting course materials from multiple vendors
  • Hero contains information on course materials used in prior terms and is easy for faculty members to select materials for future terms
  • Hero provides a powerful transparency platform which leads to the best materials being used for better student outcomes
  • Hero allows faculty to view which course materials are being used for a subject at participating peer institutions
  • Hero provides faculty members the cost to students for materials they are adopting for their classes
  • Hero provides reporting analytics to show adoption progress for each term at the department level


Hero is the new platform/tool faculty will use to provide information on the textbooks they have selected for their courses. Students in turn can use Hero to research textbook options and make purchases directly from vendors.

Hero is more powerful than BGSUChoose. BGSU will no longer offer textbooks for sale after the 2017 Summer Sessions.

  • Hero allows faculty to search for a textbook by ISBN number, title, author, and other criteria.
  • Hero provides information on available editions, formats (such as eBooks), and rental options from multiple vendors, including textbooks available via OhioLINK and information on Open Textbook Resources that are available for free.
  • Hero provides cost details for each version of the textbook from all vendors.
  • Faculty can identify multiple choices for students including the option to use older editions of textbooks.
  • Hero stores textbook information so that it can be retrieved, duplicated, and modified for future terms.
  • Faculty can post their textbook choices and options for students.
  • Textbook Coordinators can also update Hero on behalf of faculty, academic departments, or academic units.

Textbook adoptions should be posted under both course listings

Adding a link to the course syllabus will provide one option for students, but students won’t have the information until the student has access to the course in Canvas. For students’ maximum benefit and optimal choice, textbook information should be available and accessible to the student at the earliest possible date students are permitted to register for the course.

Each night, new adoptions added to Hero are posted to the class schedule.

Textbooks will be shipped directly from each vendor to students. If students place orders with three different vendors they will pay each vendor separately and textbooks will be shipped directly from each vendor. Any returns are subject to individual vendors’ return policies.

Notes, special instructions (e.g. not required until Week 5) or links to websites or online articles can be linked directly from Hero.

Add demos and help links here with short description of each.

Faculty User Guide – provides an overview of Hero for faculty.