Survey Request Form

Procedures for BGSU Faculty, Staff, and Student Surveys:

Surveys are tools to collect quantitative and/or qualitative data from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) students, faculty and staff. Individuals use surveys for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, informing educational programs and instructional practice, evaluating meaningful initiatives and institutional priorities, providing important insights, and collecting data to address a variety of questions.


Internal Surveys:

  • Any internal constituent seeking to survey more than 100 BGSU faculty, staff, and/or students via e-mail must gain approval from the BGSU Office of Academic Assessment to administer the survey via the Survey Request Form including IRB approval.
  • Internal surveys should be conducted using the Qualtrics software, the official survey tool for BGSU and recommended by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).
  • Internal constituents should review existing surveys to determine redundancies.

Internal Surveys that do not need to follow the BGSU procedures are as follows:

  • Teaching evaluations
  • Faculty surveying students within their particular classes*
  • Surveys that involve small (fewer than 100 invitees) and are not seeking e-mail addresses from the Office of Institutional Research*
  • Students surveying other students within their classes*

*Please note that faculty and student class surveys and small group surveys may still need to go through IRB Review based how those data/results/analyses will be used. Complete and submit a BGSU “Review Determination Form” found at this website: (you will need to create a username and password, and mark your affiliation as “Bowling Green State University” in order to complete the form). The Review Determination Form is found under “Forms and Templates,” in the drop down menu of “Documents for Researchers.”

For further guidance, please call the BGSU Office of Research Compliance at 419-372-7716 or email

External Surveys:

  • External surveys must go through the survey approval process including IRB review

All Surveys:

Survey Approval Process:

  • Submit Survey Request Form to initiate survey approval process
  • Survey approval decisions will be made based upon:
    • Documentation of the official response from the BGSU Research Compliance Office after filing the “IRB Review Determination Form” (available from IRBNet) or documentation of BGSU IRB approval
      • All internal surveys must provide BGSU IRB response and/or documentation mentioned above.
      • All external surveys must provide IRB documentation from their own institution to the BGSU Office of Research Compliance and on the Survey Request Form.
        • Clarity of the purpose of the survey
        • Lack of overlap with existing, available data
        • Lack of overlap with institutional surveys’ timeframe (PDF)
        • Alignment with University strategic goals and the educational mission of BGSU
        • Survey design aligning with best practices (i.e., identifies the survey purpose, how long the survey will take, and how the data will be used; uses routing rules if applicable)

Survey Distribution:

  • For approved surveys, the BGSU Office of Institutional Research (OIR) will provide an email list. Generally, lists can be provided within two weeks; however, this timeframe may differ depending upon OIR’s workload, complexity of the request, and availability of staff. Please note that they will provide a representative sample and not provide the email addresses of the entire population. The survey list should not be redistributed for any other purposes.
  • Survey distribution timeframe should not overlap with institutional surveys.

    For questions about survey guidelines, approval process, and/or distribution, please contact the BGSU Office of Academic Assessment at or 419-372-5530.

Survey Request Form

Procedures and Practice Regarding, Faculty, Staff, and Student Surveys Committee:

  • Sarah Bednarski – Marketing and Communications
  • Paul Cesarini – Online and Summer Academic Programs
  • Morgan Cranston – Information Technology Services
  • Patrick Kelly – Human Resources
  • Steve Kampf – Student Affairs
  • Julie Matuga – Institutional Effectiveness
  • Montana Miller – Office of Research Compliance   
  • Cynthia Roberts – Office of Student Retention
  • Jennifer Sayre – Graduate College
  • Sara Stiltner – Graduate Student Senate
  • Ryan Stults – Undergraduate Student Government
  • Jessica Turos – Office of Academic Assessment
  • Jodi Webb – Student Affairs
  • Betsy Winters – Online and Summer Academic Programs
  • Jie Wu – Office of Institutional Research