Student Achievement Assessment Committee (SAAC)

BGSU’s Student Achievement Assessment Committee (SAAC) is charged with developing, coordinating assessment activities and fostering a culture of assessment that is faculty-driven and administratively supported within the University.  This includes, but is not limited to: creating and monitoring the University Assessment Plan and other strategic initiatives, facilitating and guiding SAAC reporting, overseeing and maintaining University Learning Outcomes (ULOs), assisting in the development and revision of General Education, and advising and advocating the use of assessment for both improvement and accountability at BGSU.

SAAC Tasks/Responsibilities

  • Create, monitor, and evaluate university and program assessment plans (i.e., General Education, SAAC Reports, Program Review, etc.), with the assistance from other committees (e.g., Bowling Green Perspective (BGP), and the Office of Assessment
  • Oversee programmatic assessment planning and provide feedback and strategies to programs to improve student achievement of program learning outcomes via SAAC reporting
  • Define policy and procedures, in conjunction with the Office of Assessment, for updating University Learning Outcomes (ULO’s) and program learning outcomes and the assessment planning process at BGSU
  • Advise and counsel the General Education Committee (BGP) and Office of Assessment in planning and conducting an assessment of the University’s general education program
  • Assist the Office of Assessment in the facilitation and participation of ongoing assessment activities required for accreditation at the college and university level (i.e., Higher Learning Committee (HLC) accreditation)
  • Serve as an advisory board to the Office of Assessment on matters related to the assessment of student learning outcomes, assessment policy and procedure, and the effective integration and alignment of assessment initiatives with university goals and activities, strategic planning, budgeting, and resource allocation
  • Develop university templates and timelines, that align with the strategic planning process, for reporting university and programmatic assessment activities  (e.g., SAAC Reporting)
  • Review assessment plans and program review documentation, on request, to ensure that it meets requirements for both internal and external review and aligns with university assessment initiatives
2019-2020 SAAC Membership
Office/College/Program Name/Title
Office of Academic Assessment Jessica Turos, Associate Director
Office of Academic Assessment Carrie Hamady, Faculty Affiliate
Office of Academic Assessment Kristen Hidinger, Graduate Assistant
Bowling Green Perspective Donna Nelson-Beene, Director
College of Arts and Sciences Phil Dickinson, Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences Arthur Samel, Faculty Affiliate
Schmidthorst College of Business   Zubair Mohamed, Associate Dean
College of Education and Human Development Brian Campbell, Associate Dean
College of Education and Human Development Melissa Cardenas, Assessment Officer
College of Education and Human Development Jenny Toonstra, Faculty Representative
College of Health and Human Services Dawn Anderson, Associate Dean
College of Health and Human Services Carrie Hamady, Faculty Representative
College of Musical Arts Per Broman, Associate Dean
College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering Todd Waggoner, Associate Dean
College of Technology, Architecture, and Applied Engineering Stan Guidera, Graduate Faculty Representative
Firelands College PJ Mays, Assistant Dean
Firelands College Matthew Rome, Faculty Representative
Graduate College Alexander Goberman, Associate Dean 
Graduate College Matthew Lavery, Faculty Representative
Student Affairs Steve Kampf, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Recreation and Wellness
University Libraries Travis Brown, Interim Associate Dean and Director of the Learning Commons
University Libraries
Eileen Bosch, Faculty Representative