About IR


The Office of Institutional Research (IR) offers a broad array of decision support services to all units of the University and to external bodies. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the collection, analysis, and interpretation of institutional data and the provision of information and academic analytics to support planning and decision making at BGSU.


The Office of Institutional Research will lead the University as the primary resource for decision support information and to become known among our colleagues as one of the best institutional research offices in the nation.

Activities & Responsibilities

The Office of Institutional Research activities and responsibilities include completing and submitting internal and external reports, maintenance and management of institutional data systems, administration of institutional surveys (including oversight of Qualtrics), fulfilling ad hoc requests for data and generating actionable reports using academic data.


Ms. Jie Wu

Position: Assistant Director of Institutional Research
Phone: 419-372-7769
Email: wujie@bgnet.bgsu.edu


Mr.Sean Brigadier

Position: IR Report Developer
Phone: 419-372-7791
Email: sbrigad@bgsu.edu


MS. Joyce Brady

Position: IR Report Developer
Phone: 419-372-6014
Email: brady@bgsu.edu


Mr. Hong Xu

Position: IR Report Developer
Phone: 419-372-2991
Email: xuh@bgsu.edu


Ms. Salma Afroze

Position: IR Report Developer
Phone: 419-372-6017
Email: safroze@bgsu.edu

IR staff members carry out their work with the guidance of the Association for Institutional Research’s Code of Ethics, BGSU’s guidelines for research involving human subjects, and federal, FERPA policy.