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Before filling out the data request form, please note the University’s compliance requirement that must be adhered to.  The data you are requesting must be solely for the purpose described and must not be shared/released to any third party without contacting the Office of General Counsel or Office of Institutional Effectiveness for clearance or authorization. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that any device(s) on which these data are stored are secured according to BGSU data policy guidelines.        I agree, go to data request form.



Surveys are used at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) to collect both quantitative and qualitative data from students, faculty and staff. Surveys are used for a variety of reason including, but not limited to, informing educational programs and instructional practice, evaluating meaningful initiatives and institutional priorities, providing important insights, and collecting data to address a variety of questions. At BGSU, survey instruments are viewed as important tools to gather information from students, faculty and staff.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974)
Bowling Green State University does not release lists of student names or other information to off-campus businesses, organizations, or agencies except as required by law.

Requests from External Organizations to Distribute Surveys to BGSU Students, Faculty, and/or Staff
Requesters external to BGSU who would like to survey BGSU students, faculty, and/or staff must obtain approval from both BGSU HSRB and the Office of Academic Assessment prior to the distribution of the survey. The Office of Academic Assessment will review all survey requests and consult other offices when appropriate to determine the educational importance of, impact and timing of, and cost/benefit to BGSU. The Office of Academic Assessment will make a decision on whether or not the survey should be distributed to students, faculty, and/or staff and will notify the requester.

Internal Requests to Survey BGSU Students, Faculty, and/or Staff
Students, faculty, and staff interested in conducting a survey at BGSU are encouraged to consult with the Office of Academic Assessment prior to the development of a survey to determine if there are existing data available or a pre-existing survey that will meet their needs. Requesters must obtain BGSU HSRB and Office of Academic Assessment approvals if they want to send surveys to BGSU students, faculty, and/or staff.  The Office of Academic Assessment will review the information to ensure the administration of the survey is not in conflict with other prior approved or state/national surveys. The Office of Academic Assessment will also verify its relationship to the educational mission of BGSU.

*Only in extreme situations will entire populations be released, but a representative sampling may be made available.