Institutional Effectiveness


Julia Matuga, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Educational Psychology,
Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness

As the Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness (IE), I support the oversight of academic and institutional data systems and reporting, compliance, institutional research, student learning assessment, and faculty development. The mission for IE is to:

Provide leadership and services to support faculty development, the intentional and integrated assurance of student learning, compliance with programmatic and national accreditation standards, and the functional and systematic evaluation of programmatic and institutional performance by developing, collecting, and disseminating information used to provide evidence to demonstrate the extent to which BGSU is fulfilling its mission and vision.

IE is responsible for the integrity of the institutional and academic data systems, providing budgetary assistance to units within Academic Affairs (e.g., SSI, NSICP), ensuring compliance of academic programming (e.g., state authorization, accreditation), evaluating programmatic quality (e.g., specialized program accreditation, program review), offering faculty professional development opportunities, assessing student learning outcomes, and conducting audits to ensure compliance with state and national agencies and standards for optimal institutional performance (e.g., highly qualified faculty). Three offices work with me and play important roles in fulfilling IE’s mission: The Office of Academic Assessment, The Office of Institutional Research, and the Center for Faculty Excellence.

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Julia M. Matuga, Ph.D.
Vice Provost, Institutional Effectiveness