MAC Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

In 2017, Bowling Green State University joined with other colleges and universities in the Mid- American Conference (MAC) to participate in the Academic Leadership Program (ALDP). The mission of the MAC ALDP is to identify, develop, prepare and advance faculty as academic leaders in the Mid-American Conference universities.  The program provides an opportunity for University faculty to gain valuable knowledge and experience in academic leadership by working closely with select administrators from other colleges and universities in the MAC.


2018-19 Academic Leadership Development Program Faculty Fellows

Josie A. Sheffer

Jolie A. Sheffer

Associate Professor, English and American Culture Studies
Director of the Institute for the Study of Culture and Society
MAC (ALDP) Faculty Fellow

Mary-Jaon Ludy

Mary-Jon Ludy

Associate Professor, Public & Allied Health
MAC (ALDP) Faculty Fellow

MD Sarder

MD Sarder

Professor & Chair, Engineering Technologies
MAC (ALDP) Faculty Fellow

Key outcomes of the program include:

  • Articulate the complexity of the structure and operations within an institution and  across institutions;
  • Describe the impact of the external influences on the role of leaders in a higher institution.  This should include, but is not limited to, federal/state regulations and mandates, accreditation, and community influence;
  • Identify best practices in academic leadership;
  • Assess one’s own leadership potential, including strengths and weaknesses, and identify leadership pathways;
  • Communicate the importance of inclusive excellence.

Up to three qualified faculty will be selected each year to serve as University of Toledo ALDP Fellows. The program has two components: a university-level development program for the selected fellows facilitated by the provost’s office and institutional administrators, and participation in two, 3-day MAC-wide workshops for all program participants that will be held on one of the MAC school campuses. These workshops will address topics such as conflict resolution, budgeting, accreditation and accountability. 

The goal of this program is to expose faculty who are interested in administration to the challenges and rewards of institutional service and to prepare them for potential leadership positions within the academy.  Whether or not a Fellow ultimately chooses to pursue an administrative position in the future, the program will, at a minimum, provide him or her with a better appreciation for and understanding of how universities operate.

Questions regarding the Academic Leadership Development Program should be directed to Julia M. Matuga,