Faculty Tech News


It is important for faculty members to stay updated on new technologies as they become available to the University and to receive notifications on critical upgrades related to current technologies. Faculty will be sent a "Faculty Update: Academic Technology" email as new information becomes available. Faculty are also encouraged to visit this page, bgsu.edu/facultytech, periodically to stay current.


New Turnitin Configuration

Turnitin, an originality checking and plagiarism prevention service utilized at BGSU, will soon be changing in the way it is set up in Canvas assignments. Both the current configuration of Turnitin as well as the new version are available now to use in Canvas until December 29th. Faculty can begin creating new assignments and migrating current assignments to the new version of Turnitin throughout the fall semester. All Canvas assignments that use Turnitin and do not yet have submissions must be configured to use the new version by the December 29th deadline. Faculty are highly encouraged to begin using the new version, which will work as an “external tool,” as soon as possible in preparation for the Spring 2017 semester.

The following links demonstrate how to use the new version of Turnitin to create an assignment in Canvas:

Video tutorial

Canvas guide


Canvas Commons is Coming!

Canvas Commons is coming! Do you have a Canvas role of Teacher, Teaching Assistant or Course Designer? Canvas Commons will be available on Monday, January 16, 2017.  Visit this link for more information.


Significant Canvas Changes Coming Soon

Two changes are coming to the Canvas application within the next month, the first being the addition of an “inactive” enrollment status. Beginning May 15, 2017, faculty will notice a change to the People  feature. Students who drop a course will be labeled as Inactive. Faculty  can view submissions and grades for inactive students by selecting this  option in the Gradebook.   

In addition to the above will be the implementation of end date  restrictions. Currently, students have limitless access to past course  content in Canvas courses. Recent changes in Canvas permit institutions  to manage this access by setting an end date restriction.  Beginning  June 1, 2017, end dates will be applied to all Canvas courses, which  will restrict access for students as follows:

  • Students will no longer have access to Canvas courses after the course end date.
  • Course links will disappear completely for students.
  • Students will have no access to course content, including quizzes, assignments or discussions.
  • Instructor access is not affected.
  • Only Canvas courses and templates will be affected by this change; Canvas communities will not be impacted.
  • Once end date restrictions go into effect, instructors can  optionally maintain course access by removing the end date restriction  setting. Instructions for changing a course end date can be found here.