Applied Sciences

Dr. Elsy Thomas Kizhakethalackal

Position: Interim Chair of Applied Sciences Department
Assistant Professor of Economics
Phone: 419.372.0608
Address: 316F George Mylander Hall

Mr. Martin S. Anderson

Position: Senior Lecturer of Computer Science Technology
Director of Computer Science Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0861
Address: 324D George Mylander Hall

Ms. Megan C. Ashker

Position: Instructor of Respiratory Care Technology
Phone: 419.372.0637
Address: 324E George Mylander Hall

Ms. Cynthia M. Bailey

Position: Lecturer of Allied Health & Biology
Phone: 419.372.0939
Address: 316L George Mylander Hall

Ms. Karen S. Black

Position: Instructor of Visual Communication Technology
Director of VMT/VCT Program
Phone: 419.372.0941
Address: 316H George Mylander Hall

Dr. Michelle H. Brodke

Position: Associate Professor of Business Management
Phone: 419.372.0699
Address: 112A George Mylander Hall

Ms. Dana R. Eskins

Position: Clinical Coordinator for Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program
Phone: 419.372.0857
Address: 318 George Mylander Hall

Mr. Hossein Gharanfoli

Position: Lecturer of Respiratory Care Technology
Phone: 419.372.0641
Address: 321A George Mylander Hall

Ms. Sylvia E. Hermo-Fedro

Position: Senior Lecturer of Radiologic Technology Program
Director of Radiologic Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0666
Address: 301 George Mylander Hall

Dr. Cynthia L. Miglietti

Position: Professor of Accounting
Director of Business Management Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0684
Address: 329A George Mylander Hall

Ms. Carol M. Puder

Position: Director of Clinical Education for Respiratory Care Technology
Phone: 419.372.0671
Address: 324C George Mylander Hall

Mr. Roddy C. Roark

Position: Senior Lecturer of Respiratory Care Technology
Director of Respiratory Care Technology Program
Phone: 419.372.0865
Address: 328C George Mylander Hall

Ms. Candace M. Shealy

Position: Instructor of Health Information Management Technology
Phone: 419.372.0928
Address: 324B George Mylander Hall

Ms. Cara M. Vickery

Position: Director of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Phone: 419.372.0884
Address: 329B George Mylander Hall

Dr. Philip Weinsier

Position: Professor of Industrial Technology
Director of Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
Phone: 419.372.0628
Address: 319 George Mylander Hall