Independent Falcon Network

Mission Statement:

The Independent Falcon Network is a network for independent students, connecting them with individuals and resources that support and encourage academic success, self-reliance, and community.

Our Values:

  • We strive to identify and maintain strong and enduring academic and professional networks on-campus and within the community
  • We work to educate the community in the college-to-career pipeline about the needs, challenges, and discovery-driven solutions related to students who have, at some time, become unaccompanied by biological parents, guardians, and/or supportive family.
  • We are passionate about helping students within the Independent Falcon Network actualize into leaders within local, regional and global communities

If you identify as any of the following:

  • Emancipated minor
  • Foster Youth
  • Independent as ward of the court/orphaned
  • Unaccompanied by biological parents due to other unique family circumstances
  • Homeless or facing homelessness

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