Student Feedback

"I felt comfortable in that class, and I have gotten to know a lot of people."
"It is a great way to be welcomed, the Professor (Mark Zickar) made it clear about what psychology is, the difference between psychologist and psychiatrist, and branch of psychology's goals. He also recommend us to join Psi Chi."
"I enjoyed the field trips and extra things my professor did for the class."
"I liked how the class was a discussion-based class. And I liked how the teacher could use multiple sources to teach us, not just from a book. I also liked the class and teacher interaction that comes with this class."
"My 1910 class was drug deal gone bad and the first class consisted of us going to a fake crime scene in a house that was set up on campus and it was a cool experience to work with detectives and to be walked through what somebody does at a crime scene and get the hand-on experience. "
"[I liked] getting to know the fellow students in my class and getting to know my professor more. Also, my professor really tried to get to know us and help us with any questions or concerns we had."
"I took the fashion course because of my major and absolutely loved that class and the teacher I had! Even though the class was 2 hours long, I never [wanted] to go! Marian made this class very fun and enjoyable, thanks to her I'm looking forward to the rest of my fashion classes in the future!"
"The professor was always excited to see us, was always prepared with complex topics, and provided a warm environment."
"Our professor cared about what went on in our day to day lives. It was easy to learn more about my classmates. The environment was very comfortable to be in. I felt safe to state my opinion and to participate."
"I liked that it was a very laid back learning class where I felt comfortable getting to know other students and opening myself up to them as well, since it was a course that required working in groups and sharing things about your personal life and goals."
"[I liked] the fact that the papers were about interesting topics and the lessons we learned in the course can be applied throughout my entire college career."
"I didn't know what philanthropy was before I started, but now I do and I think that it's really awesome. I also liked all of the guest speakers."