Wellness Learning Community

By signing up for a BGSU 1910 Wellness seminar, you will become part of an exciting and engaging BGSU academic learning community that is devoted to health and wellness!

Through this experience, you will become a researcher on your own health patterns. Together, we will explore how body composition, eating patterns, emotional well-being, fitness, and other health dimensions change across your first year of college. You will be involved in cutting edge research with health and wellness experts, including dietitians, exercise physiologists, licensed professional counselors, social workers, medical laboratory scientists, and more. You will  also contribute to designing important programs that will make our campus healthier for future Falcons.


Wellness Learning Community Seminars are reserved for students in the College of Health & Human Services and the College of Education & Human Development.

Mythbusters: Falcon Edition


Section: 1001-73748
Tuesday/Thursdays, 9:30-10:20AM

Weight gain, binge drinking, and all‐nighters during college are widely touted. Google searches for these phenomena return millions of hits. Are these college student epidemics, or media hype?

You and your classmates will sort fact from fiction. You will use your investigative skills to sleuth answers to questions like: 

· Is college a big, four‐year party? Do I need to go Greek to make friends?  
· Is dining hall food gross and unhealthy?
· Do I work best at the last minute, under pressure? Are professors easy to manipulate?  
· Can social media be used for learning? Will my general education courses be boring?  

You will meet real‐life survivors (upperclassmen, graduate students, professors, etc.). Though a variety of active‐learning techniques you will explore answers to these and other questions. In addition, you will use popular technology to create a survival guide for next year’s Falcon freshmen.


Amy Morgan

Position: Associate Dean, Administration Professor, College of Education and Human Development
Email: amorgan@bgsu.edu
Address: 216 Eppler South

Dr. Morgan joined the BGSU Exercise Science faculty in 2002 and is currently an Associate Dean in the College of Education and Human Development. She is a former college volleyball player and active cyclist, and has been instrumental developing worksite wellness programs at BGSU. She has also led a study abroad course in China. Dr. Morgan's research explores the impact of exercise on functional status and body composition in older adults.

Mary-Jon Ludy

Mary-Jon Ludy

Position: Assistant Professor, Food and Nutrition
Email: mludy@bgsu.edu
Address: 135 Health and Human Services

Mary-Jon Ludy is a forever Falcon! She graduated from BGSU with a BS in Dietetics in 2002 and joined the faculty in 2011. Meanwhile, Mary-Jon worked as an outpatient dietitian in Boston, interned with a Vitamin A program in Nepal, conducted HIV research in Thailand, and taught community development in Costa Rica. At BGSU, she teaches clinical nutrition courses and does research on bioactive spices and weight management. Outside of work, she enjoys playing with her sons, bicycling, and traveling.

Fight, Flight, Or Freeze: The Impact Of Stress

Section: 1088-74711
Tuesday/Thursdays, 9:30-10:20AM

Because everyone has (or will) experience stress and/or psychological trauma during their lifetime, students in this course will learn to recognize “typical” reactions to stress/trauma as well as develop healthier coping skills. Students will learn about the impact of stress and psychological trauma on their physical health, mental health, relationships, school/job performance and life choices.

The concept of trauma includes more than experiences like combat and post-traumatic stress disorders. Other common traumatic related situations include child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, serious accidents, natural disasters, life-threatening illness, and death of someone close, especially sudden death. The course will include a variety of active learning activities that focus on the eight dimensions of wellness (e.g., emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual). The instructors will encourage active student participation through small group discussion, reflective journals, and community engagement activities. The class has limited enrollment to allow students to connect to one another and to the instructors.


Tom Gorman

Position: Assistant Dean - College of Health and Human Services
Email: tgorman@bgsu.edu
Address: 105F Health and Human Services Building

Mr. Gorman is currently the Assistant Dean in the College of Health and Human Services. Mr. Gorman has also been the Director of Advising in the College of Health and Human Services and he has been instrumental in assisting all students within the College of Health and Human Services in achieving their academic goals.


Laura Fullenkamp

Position: Instructor - Department of Human Services
Email: fullenl@bgsu.edu
Address: 223 Health Center

Ms. Fullenkamp is an instructor in the Social Work program. She is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Counselor Education at the University of Toledo. Her work in the community has specialized in working with individuals with co-occurring mental health and criminal justice involvement.

Dimensions of Wellness: College Survival Guide

Section: 1070-74708
Tuesday/Thursdays, 9:30-10:20AM

The transition to college is difficult for most students. You will encounter many different things such as living situations, routine, and expectations of you; all with increased freedom. We will explore the eight dimensions of wellness as they relate to adjusting to college life at BGSU: emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, and spiritual. While learning about these 8 dimensions of wellness, you will collect data about yourself as your career as a student relates to these 8 dimensions of wellness.

Through a variety of discussions with classmates and real-life college survivors, and participating in active learning techniques, this exploration will result in each student creating their own college survival guide.


Jess Kiss

Position: Instructor - School of Human Movement Sport and Leisure Studies
Email: jekiss@bgsu.edu
Address: Eppler Complex

This course will be co-taught by Ms. Jessica Kiss and Dr. Hillary Snyder.  Ms. Kiss is a forever Falcon! She earned her M.Ed. from BGSU in 2009 and returned as faculty in 2016. After completing her Masters degree, Ms. Kiss worked as a health screener for a nationwide fitness company and was a health and fitness educator for the Cleveland Clinic. Following those positions, Ms. Kiss worked for a university in Michigan and started her Ph.D. program at Michigan State University before starting at BGSU as an Instructor in the Exercise Science Program. Currently, at BGSU, Ms. Kiss teaches Motor Learning, Motor Development, Organization and Administration of Exercise Programs, and Applied Exercise Physiology. Her research focuses on campus recreation participation and student academic success. 


Dr. Hillary Snyder

Position: Research and Compliance Officer
Email: hmorgan@bgsu.edu
Address: 280 Hayes Hall

Dr. Snyder is a forever Falcon too! She earned her BS, MS and Ph.D. from BGSU. She joined the university in August 2008 as Research Compliance Officer. As a graduate student she mentored biology honors students as they conducted independent research projects.  She also mentored an undergraduate research assistant, who conducted her own independent research project and wrote two small grant proposals which were both funded. As Research Compliance Officer, Dr. Snyder assists faculty, staff and students with obtaining approval of their human subject and vertebrate animal research.