Fall 2017 Seminars



Your first year at BGSU is an exciting time to engage and explore the opportunities available to you at Bowling Green State University. The BGSU 1910 First Year Seminar will allow you to engage academically in a small class setting. The class will help you in adapting to the academic expectations of college and how college is different from high school. You will have the chance to explore a topic you have not studied before, and to learn about it with a professor who is passionate about their field of study. The small class setting makes it easier to ask questions and connect with your professor and other first-year students. You will also learn about the relevance of the topic outside the classroom and to the community. The class will also encourage you to explore several co-curricular events or activities to make the most of your BGSU experience.

Before you come to SOAR

Explore the list of BGSU 1910 categories and identify three or four courses that you find most interesting. Bring your list when you come to SOAR. Your SOAR advisor will help you in selecting which seminar to enroll in and answer any questions you have about the class.....


Student Feedback

"I like my teacher, she is really friendly and kind and I like the small class environment. I also really like how we get to do more than just sit in a classroom, but go do yoga and hear speakers and fun things like that. I also really like how it focuses on your health and the goals you set for yourself and how you can improve."

More Student Feedback

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