June 2012

(Posted June 29, 2012 )

Mazey@BG Alumni and Friends Archive

Dear Alumni and Friends:

We’re in the middle of a busy summer at BGSU. Falcon SOAR, our orientation program for incoming freshmen and transfer students, is well under way. Nearly 4,000 new students and more than 5,000 of their family members and guests will be visiting us to learn more about the University and prepare for their first semester at BGSU.

I hope you’ll consider joining our new Falcons and the University community by participating in our Common Read for 2012. A BGSU tradition since 2001, all first-year students are required to read the book over the summer, and we encourage the entire University and our friends to participate. This year’s selection is A Pearl in the Storm: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean, by Tori Murden McClure. The author is a world adventurer who was the first American to row alone across the Atlantic Ocean and the first American to reach the South Pole over land. The book chronicles McClure's trips across the Atlantic and her path to knowing herself. I’m halfway through it, and it’s a great read!

You may also enjoy some of the books on our summer reading list. Each week we’re showcasing recommendations from our faculty, staff and students. Check them out here.


Last week our Board of Trustees made the difficult decision to raise tuition and fees by 3.49 percent. The increase is needed to help make up for a reduction in state funding of about $2.8 million this year. Our overall funding from the state of Ohio has dropped by more than $23 million since 2010. For more on how we’re working to keep a BGSU education as affordable and accessible as possible, see the email I sent to our students and their parents and this overview of our fiscal year 2013 budget and funding sources.

The work of our National Center for Family and Marriage Research continues to put BGSU in the national spotlight, most recently with a study on divorce rates for people over 50. This story on CNN features Susan Brown, the center’s co-director and a professor of sociology, and was picked up by dozens of local television stations all across the country.

We’re so proud of Alexis Kain, Amanda Rom, and Alexa Harris, three members of our swim team who qualified for the U.S. Olympic trials held this week in Omaha. Alexis and Amanda fell short in their Olympic bids in the 100 meter breaststroke on Tuesday, but Alexa still has the 200 meter backstroke on Saturday, June 30.

As the Summer Olympics begin in London next month, I expect you’ll be hearing a lot about alumnus and gold medalist Dave Wottle ’73. This is the 40th anniversary of Dave’s epic, come-from-behind victory in the 800 at the 1972 games in Munich. If you've never seen the race, check it out here. It’s truly an iconic moment in the history of the modern games.

I would love to hear about your memories of Dave’s performance or your favorite Olympic moment (for those of you too young to remember the ’72 games). Share your memories on my Facebook page.

I hope you’re having a terrific summer.

Mary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D.