Lauren's Story

The Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy (SARPLA) gives students a chance to earn unconditional support for inside and outside the classrooms, develop better leadership skills, make long lasting relationships, and discover personal potential and passions. I am a living witness of these benefits. Being a member of the President’s Leadership Academy (PLA) has been amazing so far. In the small amount of time that I have been here on Bowling Green State University’s campus, the PLA has made a great impact on my life.

The President’s Leadership Academy has helped me since the first day I set foot on campus. During the summer program in July, I have learned to become more open-minded and to appreciate a variety of differences in life. The summer program was basically a transition phase where the other members of my cohort and I got to know one another and got a taste of college life. The summer program helped me by exposing me to a first semester college, PLA schedule, getting me used to living in a residence hall with a roommate, and getting me familiar with the campus, so that on the first day of actual classes I would be ready to focus on my classes.

PLA has not only benefitted me when it comes to academics, it has helped me with my personal success as well. As of now I am a biology major with a concentration in pre-medicine in hopes of becoming a sports doctor in the future. Everyone knows that with medical school comes great responsibility and hard work, which in hand may require the help of outside resources. One requirement of the PLA is that all scholars pass a PLA class, and in this class scholars are required to learn about campus resources, demonstrate the use of campus resources, and learn more about being a servant leader. A few resources that have helped me already are the Office of Pre-Professional Programs and the Career Center. If it were not for PLA, I would probably not be aware of all of the resources available to me nor even know where they are located.

There are more stories I could share about how PLA has helped me and about how awesome the entire organization, faculty and staff are, but for the sake of time I will keep them limited to these two. Without the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leaderships Academy, I do not know where I would be at this moment. This organization has truly changed and shaped my life for the better and will continue to do so until my expected graduation date: May 2018.