Kyla's Story

As a President’s Leadership Academy 2014 scholar, I have been exposed and learned a lot while being at Bowling Green for a very short time. PLA has provided me with resources and opportunities I may not have if I was not a part of this outstanding program. My life has already been changed for the better. PLA has been a big influence in my life and it has inspired me to instill similar values PLA has given me to other students at the university.

I am learning the importance of leadership, but servant leadership as well; the natural ability to serve first and lead second. I never considered myself a good leader until President’s Leadership Academy informed me on leadership and everything it includes. To be a great leader, I do not have to be the outgoing and loud student. I can lead from the back and still be equally effective. In college thus far, I have been exposed to things on campus before I was an actual student here. In our amazing four week program, we learn about campus resources, and benefits for asking for help as soon as needed, and leadership.

The major benefits PLA offers me, are the resources. My main resources are the other eighty plus scholars in the program. The senior, junior, and sophomore cohort have not only become some of my close friends, but they are people I truly admire and hope to become. They help me academically and with my personal life as well. The junior and freshmen cohort are in a mentoring program we all PALS. We are required to meet with them twice a month and it has been a great experience. Not only are we supposed to benefit from the relationship as mentees, but the mentors are supposed to learn are grow as well. The relationships I have made in this program are the reason I continue to strive as a student. They make me want to become a better person for not just myself but for the whole community.

Overall without the PLA I am not sure how my college career would be going right now. This program makes me want to be the best so I can become a great leader and a great role model for future cohorts. Because the President’s Leadership Academy hold us scholars to such high rankings, I want to produce nothing but the best to not make only the staff proud, but myself as well. We are more than just a scholarship program, we are a plamily.