Joshua's Story

The word grateful always shines in my eyes when thinking of the opportunity to be a part of the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy. Ever since I learned about this opportunity, I was fully aware I wanted to be a part of the PLA. I remember getting a phone call on a Friday morning before school and realizing it was from BGSU. All I could fill was the rush of excitement when Dr. Snyder communicated I was being offered a spot into the 2014 cohort. I was elated to finally be a scholar in the program I had hoped to be a part of for a long time.

Stepping foot onto the campus in the hottest month of the year, July, was the start of an experience I would never forget. I never knew I would build such a strong relationship with so many people. I truly feel we were all selected to bring a diverse amount of personalities together to impact the BGSU campus. Hints of this happened through our collaborations starting in the summer program. When I needed help on an essay or someone to listen to me practice a speech, I was easily aided by those in my cohort. The summer program was also a chance to learn more about myself and what truly drives me and my values. Through the summer program I learned who I am is truly based on my life experiences and what I value. The summer program, though very rigorous and challenging, has helped me prepare for success in college.

As a PLA scholar, I realize how much this organization is an asset to my growth as an individual, leader, and as a student at Bowling Green State University. We are compelled to think deeply about what we value, who we are, and our purpose. Learning about how leadership is a process and involves a collaborative effort with followers to then create social has been enlightening. I have now been able to take what we have learned to apply it to past events. Furthermore I feel I am competent to apply those concepts to organizations I am in presently and in the future.

The support system established in this program is excellent with an opportunity to meet around 80 different scholars separated by the four years of college and staff who truly invest time to help me succeed. I am able to obtain advice from older scholars about matters like the classes I am taking, campus life and through monthly one on ones with an individual from staff. The PLA has been a nurturing family, or shall I say PLAmily, to me since the beginning. I truly say this experience has superbly impacted my life.