Avery's Story

I am a man aspiring for great things; elevated by the people I love most. The foundation of relationships is leadership. Without forming strong family bonds with the people closest to you, you lose the magic of being human. Sidney A. Ribeau had a vision of a campus full of leaders to guide people in the right direction. We all have the potential to be great leaders. Humans naturally gravitate towards people who feel and think the same way about themselves, people and the world. I am on this campus because I want to see his vision come to into reality. I cannot do that alone. The first thing is knowing, being and living who I am first, I need to build strong relationships with people who also share his vision. I need to elevate the people closest to me first so in return they can invest, time, energy, and trust in me. In return, I will try to help people see the same vision that Sidney A. Ribeau and I have. He understood what it meant to be a great leader. He knew that investing time, money and trust into Presidents Leadership Academy or PLA, that one day we would be willing to do that for somebody else; this is the essence of true Servant Leadership

I love people. We are amazing in every way. We are different, and love each other for it. We vary in creativity, physical looks, and status all while being human beings. And I love that we are. I love people so much! I like that we are different so we can spark and excite different ways to get progress in our society. This is what happened to me. I discovered that I am different, and loved myself for it. Then I let the people closest to me know that I love them. Nothing they do will ever make me stop loving them. I then discovered my passion, my goal in college and what I want to do in the future. My values of hard work, family, empathy, compassion, and drive have allowed me to firmly be grounded in who I am. With that I have a mission, my mission is the lead people to the next place. Mentally, physically, and spiritually to truly overcome rough obstacles in life, while using creativity to materialize my vision for others to see. I am grateful for the PLA – President’s Leadership Academy – to give me a strong family, educate me, fund me, and in return expect greatness from me. Thank you PLA. Now let’s get started.