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Volume 11, Issue 1 | Spring 2018

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April 21, 2018

PLA Banquet and Senior Colloquium

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Greetings PLA Alumni, Family and Friends

Introducing the 2017 PLA Cohort 

By Phillip Zulli, 2015 Cohort

As a journalism/public relations student, math isn’t exactly my strong suit; however, I know enough addition to tell you that this 2017 cohort marks the 20th group of presidential scholars since the creation of the President’s Leadership Academy in 1997 by Dr. Sidney A. Ribeau, former BGSU President. Like those cohorts before them, the 2017 cohort  spent the summer preparing for the challenges of college and honing their leadership abilities to better apply them to a college campus. As always, we are excited to see the lasting impact these scholars will make on BGSU’s campus. Without further ado, I present to you the 2017 Cohort.


2017 PLA Cohort Members: Afi-Setut Afu A-Alkebu-Lan | Achante Allen | Cory Baird | Andrew Banzinger | Camaria Beasley | Scott Bliss | Xavi Boes | Noah Cronauer | Seth Crosby | Dwayne Gary | Erika Glover | India Hicks | Savannah Hinde | Kendra Hunt | Kyla Knight | Dynasty Long | Eva Mahoney | Mariah Mays-McBurrows | Janay Miles | Jacob Miller | Remington Schneider | Alyssa Tomins | Cali Vaughn | Natalie Zitko


BGSU One day

Save the date for BGSU’s second-annual Day of Giving, #BGSUOneDay – an inspiring 36-hour event for alumni, students, faculty and staff, parents and friends to come together to support Bowling Green State University. On April 3 and 4, you will have the opportunity to give back and pay forward in support of the President’s Leadership Academy. The collective power of Falcon philanthropy will changes lives for the world when you join us for #BGSUOneDay on April 3rd. Visit PLA One Day here.


The Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy (PLA) is a four-year leadership development and scholarship program that engages scholars in classes, workshops, experiential learning, and community service activities. Your support provides PLA scholars with unique experiences to learn and achieve true leadership abilities.  The PLA is committed to preparing students to lead with integrity through passionate and talented servant leadership.  Students have the opportunity to connect with and be mentored by BGSU faculty, staff, and key leaders so they can achieve excellence both inside and outside the classroom.

"The PLA has been a great support system throughout my college career. PLA has provided infinite resources for the betterment of my education. I am grateful for the opportunity to gain leadership experience and foster spaces on campus for other students of color to excel." - Jauntez Bates, PLA scholar

First Year Scholars Stories


Dwayne Gary, 2017 Cohort

Dwayne Gary

2017 Cohort

My College Transition Story

The President's Leadership Academy summer program was an interesting experience, but also a big help in my transition to college.  Read More

Remington Schneider, 2017 Cohort

Remington Schneider

2017 Cohort

My PLA Summer Program Story

The PLA requires all scholars to attend, and successfully pass the Summer Program. The course is made up of a curriculum that emulates a full class schedule in order to make scholars the most prepared new students on campus at the start of school. Read More

Ericka Glover, 2017 Cohort

Erika Glover

2017 Cohort


My PLA Pals Experience

Amongst many of the incredible assets that the Sidney A. Ribeau President’s Leadership Academy has blessed me with, I would not hesitate to say that the PLA PAL’s program has been one of the greatest. Read More

PLA Updates

PLA Pals


September 1 was the annual PLA Pal Meet and Greet. Each year an upperclassman is paired with a first-year scholar scholar to provide a support and mentor/mentee relationship.



Once a year in the fall the "PLAmily" and their families get together during BGSU's Family Weekend for some fun times and a football game.

service and learning


The 2014 Cohort hosted a wonderful weekend for the annual Fall Retreat. During this year's Survivor theme,scholars were faced with challenges of leadership, diversity and inclusivity. The physical and mental challenges brought PLAmily members closer together through service and learning.



PLA Scholars had a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above for 2016-17 year


PLA GPA after Fall 2017


PLA Cumulative GPA for the 2016-17 year


Retention (Spring Semester)


PLA Scholars on Dean’s List


Service Hours (2017 academic year)

New Staff/Position Updates

  • Krystal Allen, Doctoral Graduate Assistant
  • Andrea Hauser, Doctoral Graduate Assistant
  • Lakeshia Dowlen, Oversees PLA Pals Program
  • Megan Arnold, Coordinator for Student Engagement and Outreach
  • Jacob E. Clemens, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Students

PLA Interns/Scholar Staff

  • Amy Holthaus, Service Intern
  • Phillip Zulli, Public Relations Intern
  • Rachel Renou, Forums and Social Media Intern
  • Angelica Euseary, Thompson Meetings Intern
  • Mark Rochester, Recruitment Intern
  • Janelle Bollheimer, 2018 Cohort On-Boarding Intern
  • Meg Burrell, PLA Pals Program Director
  • Chris Carter, 5th Year Scholar for Alumni Engagement, Community Development, and Thompson Recruitment
  • Courtney Bode, Annie Miesle, and Abbey Warschauer, Teaching Assistants


Avery Dowell – University Activities Organization President

Harper Smith – University Activities Organization Vice President

Angelica Euseary – Black Student Union President

Richie Racette – Undergraduate Student Government President 

Jauntez Bates – Undergraduate Student Government Vice President

Mo Hollandsworth – Co-Chair of the Human Relations Commission for the City of Bowling Green

Amy Holthaus – Civic Action Leader & bGAB Co-Coordinator

Marcia Massey – Vice President of Community Service for Women in Business Leadership

For more information:

Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy
301 Bowen-Thompson Student Union