Mary Kay Inkrott 2001 Cohort

What area of study did you earn your degree in?

Sport Management (Bachelors); Sport Administration (Masters) – both at BGSU

What things did you learn through your involvement with the PLA? Is there anything that sticks out in particular?

I developed a lot as an individual and a leader through PLA. One thing that really helped me was learning that there’s not just one effective type of leader. Learning that my quiet, behind the scenes demeanor can be just as impactful, and better in some situations, gave me the confidence to grow as a leader. Serving others has always been important to me and the concept of servant leadership intertwined throughout PLA was neat to see.

What organizations and activities were you involved with during your four years at BGSU?

Can’t remember if I’m forgetting anything: Student Alumni Association, Sport Management Alliance, The Way Campus Fellowship, Athletic Department Volunteer & Employee, Alumni Affairs Student Employee

Did you serve in any leadership roles? 

No official leadership titles, but a leader by example.

Are there any PLA or BGSU faculty or staff members that inspired/mentored you?

I am thankful for all the PLA staff that I had the opportunity to work with, especially Ana Brown. Luckily since I’m in the area, I still get to go out to lunch/dinner with Ana to stay in touch. Dr. Pedersen “Dr. P” was one of my favorite Sport Management professors. He’s currently at Indiana University and I occasionally stay in contact with him.

Where are you now? (Living, where do you work, etc.)

Still living in Bowling Green with my husband Andy. Currently working as an academic advisor at BGSU working with students who are undecided in their major, students who were conditionally admitted into the university, and high school students doing PSEOP.


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