Kristen Gajewski 1999 Cohort

What area of study did you earn your degree in?

Psychology – a focus on Organizational Development

What things did you learn through your involvement with the PLA?

I learned the importance of networking, had the opportunity to practice my influencing and motivational skills and had the opportunity to step into leadership roles and grow both professionally and personally.

What organizations and activities were you involved with during your four years at BGSU?

Sigma Kappa Sorority, Mid-American Greek Council Association, several community service events both on and off campus.

Did you serve in any leadership roles?

Sigma Kappa – Vice President of Alumni Relations, Executive Vice President, and Social Chair
Mid-American Greek Council Association – Finance Manager and assisted with coordinating annual conference in Chicago.
PLA – cabinet member for ’99 cohort

Are there any PLA or BGSU faculty or staff members that inspired/mentored you?

There were several individuals who were either formal or informal mentors for me through PLA.  Some were peers who had more knowledge base in certain areas and others were staff members who I could reach out to about career options and professional growth.  I think to name one or two would be a disservice to the rest!

Where are you now? (Living, where do you work, etc.)

I’m currently living in Avon, Ohio (West of Cleveland) and am a human resources director with AkzoNobel.  AkzoNobel is the largest global coatings manufacturing company and is ranked #1 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.  I previously managed our Supply Chain facility in Huron, Ohio, and now manage our sales force for our diversified brands, stores, and Wal-Mart business lines.


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