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PLA Alumni Society Book Scholarship Recipient

The PLA Alumni Society has established a book scholarship to recognize the outstanding commitment and dedication of a scholar directly to the PLA. This award is presented to a freshman, sophomore or junior scholar and the recipient receives a $250 book voucher for use in an upcoming academic semester.

The inaugural winner of the PLA Alumni Society book scholarship was nominated by peers and was described as:

  • A calm and unique speaker for the group whose perspective helps the cohort make decisions.
  • He has an easy-going attitude that hides his intense drive to always serve others first.
  • His amicable nature and humor help bring a smile to people’s faces during difficult times.
  • His leadership is not flashy and his influence cannot be overlooked, or overstated.
  • He brings tolerance and critical reflection to every group.
  • His values drive his actions and he stands as a paragon of virtue
  • He places the needs of others higher than his own, and his own humility would prevent him from ever admitting he deserves recognition.

2011-2012 Scholarship Winner

Mr. Samuel Schmitt
2009 Cohort

Political Science Major/Music Minor

  • Philosophy Club
  • Student Jazz Association
  • Music Ambassadors
  • Acapella Choir
  • BG Secular Society
  • Vanguard
  • SEARCH Learning Community
  • Countless volunteer hours within PLA and the community.

2012-2013 Scholarship Winner  

Ms. Jodie Brand
2011 Cohort

Supply Chain Management Major

  • Versailles High School – Versaille, OH
  • Honors Program Member
  • Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity
  • Relay for Life
  • Dance Marathon
  • Residence Life Front Desk Clerk
  • PLA Intern for Community Development
  • Intern – John Deere


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