The Summer Program


The Summer Program assists scholars with the transition from high school to college. Accepted students begin their PLA experience in July with an intensive four-week summer program, which introduces scholars to University life and sets the leadership foundation upon which the program is based.

Participants take college-level courses and experience college life firsthand. They read selected leadership texts and participate in seminars. Additionally, scholars take part in community service events and various cultural, educational, and weekend entertainment excursions. The program contains academic and co-curricular components designed to:

  • Develop essential academic skills
  • Create a foundation for leadership development and civic responsibility
  • Provide an orientation to campus resources and facilities
  • Ease the transition and adjustment of students to the college environment
  • Serve the community
  • Develop a support group of peers, faculty, and staff


  • Introductory courses with a focus on various aspects of leadership
  • Workshops – study skills, time management, utilizing the library, diversity, stress management, healthy lifestyles, and individual and team development
  • Community service
  • Exploration of leadership development texts


  • Articulate the espoused values of Bowling Green State University and of the Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy
  • Navigate the University campus with assurance and confidence
  • Demonstrate an initial understanding of basic leadership concepts and of their personal leadership style
  • Assess the value of the Summer Program through written communication
  • Self-assess gains in written and oral communication



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