The Curriculum

The Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy (PLA) experience begins with an intensive four-week summer program. This program gives scholars the opportunity to experience college life firsthand and to familiarize themselves with the Bowling Green State University campus and community. PLA scholars tend to perform better academically in the first semester as a result.

During the academic year, the program follows a curriculum designed to build leadership competence while developing skills to assist in academic success. Progression in cohorts, coupled with a thematic track system, encourages sequential learning and appropriate development.

Leadership Forums

Providing structured opportunities for all PLA cohorts to collectively associate is as equally important to developing curricula for each cohort. To that end, the following components (not an exhaustive list) serve to bring together all PLA students throughout the course of the academic year:

  • Topical leadership presentations
    • Community leadership panel discussion
    • Collaborative scholar presentations
    • Women and leadership
  • Core values education
  • PLA alumni presentations
  • Study Abroad and conference presentations
  • Yearly community service project
  • On-going assessment and research

One-on-One meetings

Each member of the Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy is required to meet on an individual basis once a month with a member of the PLA staff. This personalized contact helps the scholar navigate through the academic, systemic, and social difficulties they may encounter at BGSU to ensure a smooth matriculation.

Study Tables

Academic success is the main priority of all BGSU students. To assist with the difficult academic transition from high school to college, PLA requires all first year scholars (regardless of incoming credit status) to participate during fall semester in their Study Tables Program. This program emphasizes the importance of achieving and maintaining good study habits and encourages improved time management skills. Furthermore, any scholar who does not maintain satisfactory academic achievement is required to participate in study tables in both fall and spring semesters until his or her GPA is above the minimum 2.75 program requirement.