A male alumni sitting across from a female student at a table engaging in conversation.

  • To connect students to professionals who practice medicine, law, pharmacy, dentistry, and veterinarian medicine.
  • To provide professionals a way to mentor students by sharing experiences, lessons, and advice
  • To offer a flexible space for mentees and mentors to connect in a way which they see fit with guidance available, if needed
  • To foster a relationship that support students in their pursuit of post-baccalaureate programs and a continued premier learning community
  • Describe what first generated your interest in the field. (First and second year students)
  • Share the most beneficial experience you are having/had as an undergraduate preparing for professional school. (All students)
  • Share your favorite undergraduate course. What course was most beneficial in preparing for professional school? (All students)
  • Share your most valuable experience (inside or outside of the classroom) at BGSU. (All students)
  • Share types of experiences (shadowing, volunteering, interning) that were most applicable for your professional field. (All students)
  • Share your preparation strategies for entrance exams. (Second and third year students)
  • Share personal statements. Discuss strategies for preparing a stand-out personal statement. (Third and fourth year students)
  • Share why you choose to apply/attend to specific professional schools. (Second, third, and fourth year students)
  • Share strategies for the art of “balancing” professional and personal aspirations. (All students)