Undergraduate and Graduate Summer Employment

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BGSU Pre-College Summer Academic & Youth Programs (SAYP) is looking for energetic BGSU Undergraduate & Graduate Students interested in serving as Camp Counselors, resident assistants, and counselor coordinators for the 2019 Academic Summer Camps Season.  

General Job Description

Primary responsibilities will be to provide supervision for campers outside of class/lab/lecture times and ensure their safety and well-being during program transitional periods (walking to meals, evening activities and nightly curfew checks. Counselors are expected to serve as leaders, care-takers and role models throughout the duration of their assigned camp. Counselors are also expected to communicate directly with the camp director and Summer Academic & Youth Program Coordinator in the event of an emergency.  

Important Dates 

  • Tentative Counselor Training May 29th - June 7th 
  • Work scheduled Camp Dates between June 9th – July 26th 

Positions Available

  1. Undergraduate Students - Camp Counselor (General) & Camp Counselor (Resident Assistant)
  2. Graduate Students - Counselor Coordinator (Housing Options available if needed)

Important Notes: Due to the position responsibilities and the ability of earning maximum allowed hours, students are not permitted to work in additional BGSU departments while working as a full-term summer Camp Counselor.

Counselors wishing to work for specific camps only (Forensic Science, Media Production, Veterinary etc,) may hold additional BGSU appointments with prior approval from the Summer Academic Youth Program Coordinator as long as work hours do not meet or exceed the maximum number of approved hours for the week.


All candidates must have completed at least one year of college or university education and must have an established record of professional and personal responsibility and pass state and federal background checks. Counselors must enjoy spending structured and unstructured time with Pre-College youth; have the ability to work cooperatively with the camp staff; Preference given to candidates who are EDHD & HHS Majors.

Camp Counselor - General 

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Assure that SAYP participants adhere to policies and procedures during individual camps
  2. Serve as a role model
  3. Assist with program and camp transitions when warranted
  4. Meet with Residential Assistant Camp Counselors regarding care/concern of campers
  5. Meet with Unit Camp Coordinator for camp meetings

Secondary Duties:

  1. Lead enrichment activities during evening hours of camp
  2. Lead team building and ice breaker activities
  3. Make camper door tags
  4. Attend weekly staff meetings and community meetings as directed

Additional Information

  1. Room & Board Provided during assigned camp dates only
    • Counselors will need own housing for weekends and if scheduled to work day camp programs 
  2. Compensation Type: Biweekly Hourly $9.15 hr (up to 28 hours) 

Camp Counselor - Resident Assistant 

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Assure that SAYP participants adhere to policies and procedures
  2. Serve as role model
  3. Conduct evening and late night rounds of camper floors 
  4. Assist with program and camp transitions as needed/ on-call

Secondary Duties:

  1. Meet with participants to resolve conflicts and positively influence their behaviors
  2. Plan and conduct enrichment activities during evening hours of camp
  3. Attend weekly staff meetings and community meetings as directed

Additional Information

  1. Housing provided during camp sessions for June and July
    • Counselors may elect to extend their housing package at an additional cost. Please contact the SAYP office for more information at 419-372-0424. 
  2. Meals Provided when camps are in session. 
  3. Compensation Type: $325 Weekly Stipend

Time Commitment

10-weeks, up to 28 hours scheduled per week this position includes additional evening and weekend hours with on-call responsibilities. Work begins May 22 and ends on August 6, 2019 *Flexible start date possible


Typical areas of responsibility may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supervise, advise, train, evaluate, Camp Counselor - Resident Advisors (CRA) staff, including training of Camp RAs
  • Assure that Counselor RA’s & participants adhere to policies and procedures
  • Create a sense of team and fellowship through programming & activities  
  • Develop a well-rounded community within the building
  • Lead evening programmatic activities as needed and/or direct camp counselors to facilitate programs.
  • Develop relationships with and be visible to campers & parents in the building
  • Assist with Check-In / Check-Out procedures of camps
  • Become familiar with available resources on campus and be able to communicate those resources to campers and parents
  • Serve on the duty/on-call rotation, conduct rounds of camper floors during evening hours to ensuring safety of campers.
  • Counsel students and respond to crisis situations that may occur 
  • Conduct meetings with students who have violated camp rules.  Along with camp directors, University personnel, and Summer Academic Youth Programs Offices, determine appropriate consequences and results of these meetings. 
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully with residents, families, faculty, advisors, and other constituents found on-campus
  • Distribute and assist with all paperwork and other administrative duties
  • Attend and participate in staff training sessions and regular meetings

Practicum Credit

CSP students seeking practicum credit should contact the practicum instructor (see Alyssa Fyock in 310 Education).


Optional housing amenities included if needed. If housing is not needed; must reside within 15 minutes of campus for on-call/duty responsibilities. 


  • Without Housing Accommodations Hourly $15.00
  • With Housing Accommodations Hourly $10.50

Open To:

  • BGSU Graduate Students
  • Preference Given to students in the following: Programs within the College of Education & Human Development, Psychology or Social Work 

How to Apply:

Online with BGSU Handshake: Search for Camp Counselor & Camp Counselor Mentor 

or complete the online form here: Apply Now