Undergraduate and Graduate Summer Employment


BGSU Pre-College Summer Academic & Youth Programs are looking for energetic BGSU Undergraduate & Graduate Students interested in serving as Residential Camp Counselors and mentors to Pre-College Youth participating in one or several summer camps this summer. Residential Camp Counselors will supervise Pre-College students during off camp times such as meals, evening programs, special events and field trips to ensure camp participants have a safe and rewarding experience while at BGSU.

General Job Description

Primary responsibilities will be to provide supervision for campers outside of class/lab/lecture times and ensure their safety and well-being during program transitional periods (walking to meals, evening activities and curfew night checks). Counselors are expected to serve as leaders, care-takers and role models throughout the program communicating directly with the camp director and Summer Academic & Youth Program Coordinator in the event of an emergency. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

The following is a list of typical responsibilities, but it is not an exhausted list:

  • Provide the highest level of customer service and ethical decision making
  • Serve as an ambassador/recruiter for Bowling Green State University
  • Serve on-call (overnight in assigned buildings)
  • Work check-in and check-out of camp
  • Attend mandatory training sessions and staff meetings
  • Help with planning and lead afternoon and evening recreational/social activities for campers during assigned camps
  • Follow and reinforce all BGSU Policies and camp policies as outlined. • Other duties as assigned (i.e. lifting, carrying/moving luggage, boxes, etc.)
  • Counselors will have designated periods of time off during the camp. This time will be arranged by the counselor and camp staff.


All candidates must have completed at least one year of college or university education and must have an established record of professional and personal responsibility and pass state and federal background checks. Counselors must enjoy spending structured and unstructured time with Pre-College youth; have the ability to work cooperatively with the camp staff;

Important Notes: Due to the position responsibilities and the ability of earning maximum hours students are not permitted to work in additional BGSU departments while working as a full-term summer camp counselor. Counselors wishing to work for individual camps only (Forensic Science, Media & Broadcasting etc, may hold additional BGSU Appointments with prior approval from the Summer Academic Youth Program Coordinator as long as work hours do not meet or exceed the maximum number of approved hours for the week.

How to Apply:

Online with BGSU Work Net: Search for Residential Camp Counselor Position

Mail in or Drop Off an application packet: Application PACKET PDF  

Complete the online form: Apply Now