Frequently Asked Questions

The Math in ACTION Tutoring Hub is a new and growing opportunity provided by Bowling Green State University. High school students can come to the hub for help with any high school math course. This is totally free and on a drop-in basis. No appointment necessary.

Any student taking a high school math course can take advantage of the Math in ACTION Tutoring Hub. This includes any course ranging from Pre-Algebra to Calculus. We cannot help students who are taking a math course through a university. For example, a high schooler taking BGSU’s pre-college programs’ calculus would use the Learning Commons rather than the tutoring hub.

Yes! It’s really free! The funding for the tutoring Hub has been provided by the state of Ohio and BGSU to help high school students become more successful in their math courses; and as a result, help them become more prepared for their college math courses.

The tutoring Hub is located on the main campus of BGSU at 120 Olscamp Hall. Olscamp Hall is located on Ridge Street in Bowling Green, Ohio, off of Mercer Road.

No problem! If you are too far to drive to the hub, do not have a ride, or simply do not want to leave the comfort of your home, an online WebEx session will be your best option. Use our live chat feature to schedule your WebEx session. 

You can access our chat by selecting "Click here to chat" in the bottom right hand corner to schedule your WebEx session with an available tutor.  If no one is available, select "Leave a message" in the bottom right hand corner.  


Visitors can park in Lot N which is located on Ridge Street, just north of the BGSU library, and directly east of Olscamp hall. Once parked, stop into the Hub (120) and the tutors working will provide a free parking pass for that day.

Tutors at the Hub are all mathematics education majors at BGSU.  All tutors are future high school/ middle school math teachers.  Each tutor has been enrolled in rigorous math courses to ensure that they have proper content knowledge, as well as knowledge of how to teach and tutor students at the high school level.  Many of our tutors are completing their student teaching requirements, and are currently teaching middle school or high school math classes every day.

Currently the Hub is on a drop-in tutoring basis. If help is needed, simply come to 120 Olscamp Hall. There are always at least two tutors available to help during our open hours. Scheduling a session is not necessary, although we do have some parents who will email a little “heads-up” message. For example, if you/your student plans to come for tutoring but is enrolled in an upper-level course (like IB Math) the tutors can be prepared to ensure certain resources are available.

Face-to-face tutoring at BGSU’s main campus is on a drop-in basis.  There is no need to make an appointment.