Charter Information and Request

Shuttle Services provides charter services to B.G.S.U. Students, Faculty and Staff.

All charters must be requested by a department, student, or student organization.

Charter services are not available to the general public.

Service Detail and Charges

·         75 mile service radius limit

·         $75 an hour

·         $225.00 minimum

·         40 miles included with each charter

·         $2/per mile after the initial 40 miles

·         The charter begins when the bus leaves the Shuttle office and ends when it returns.

·         There is an additional fee for holiday charters; $25 for the first 3 hours and a $8 for each hour             over the first 3.

·        $30.00 cancellation fee will be applied if the charter is canceled within 24 hours of the                      scheduled start time. 

Please contact Shuttle Services with any questions or to arrange a charter that may fall outside the radius limits.

Charter Request Process

You will fill out and submit a charter request.

After receiving the request you will be notified via an Outlook event asking that you accept the details. This will populate your and Shuttle Service's calendars. This will serve as confirmation of approval and scheduling of your charter.

Prior to beginning the charter request, please have all detailed information regarding your charter ready. Including department codes, fund numbers and program codes if needed

Please Click HERE to submit a Charter request.