The Latino Networking Alliance (LNA) was established in the fall of 1981 with the purpose of providing a vehicle for the fusion and promulgation of the Hispanic cultures. This was purportedly accomplished by staging formal meetings, social functions, membership drives, and fundraising events. While the efforts were Herculean, LNA was dormant for a decade. In the 1990's, with the infusion of new and energetic employees, LNA began the academic year by operationalizing its ideology. Thus, the heterogeneity and commitment of our group was affirmed by the following activities

  • The development of a monthly newsletter covering campus wide events and Latino functions in Northwest Ohio.
  • Institutionalizing the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration into the fiber of the Bowling Green culture.
  • Presenting a monthly lecture series designed to share the Latino scholarship with the campus at large, La Mesa Obliqua.
  • Fundraising for academic scholarships. We have since endowed the Antonio Buron, René Ruíz, and Rolando Andrade. Currently we're diligently working to endow the R. Lynne Maddox and the Manuel Vadillo scholarship funds.
  • Student leadership training.
  • Staff development and professional training workshops.
  • Weeky social lunches and monthly organizational meetings.
  • Fall welcoming reception for new faculty and staff.
  • Clearinghouse for all Latinos events on campus.
  • Annual Latino Issues Conference.