Latino Networking Alliance
Bowling Green State University

Constitution and Bylaws


Section 1. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Latino Networking Alliance of Bowling Green State University, hereinafter referred to as LNA.


Section 1. Policy

Recognizing its obligation to advocate for equal opportunity for Hispanic/Latino/a’s and all people, it is the policy of LNA to dispose of all appropriate matters coming before it without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, or political affiliation.

Section 2. Purpose

LNA provides a forum for BGSU faculty and staff with common concerns, among them to serve the University community and to work toward the recruitment, retention and promotion of Hispanic/Latino/a students, faculty, and staff, as well as the celebration of the diverse Hispanic/Latino/a cultures at BGSU.

Section 3. Advocacy

LNA will serve as an advocate for the needs of the Latino/a community at BGSU. This advocacy can take on many forms and include advocating for the respective needs of the faculty, staff and students. In particular, LNA is committed to addressing the needs and concerns of faculty and staff when it comes to employment situations. (Please see Bylaws, Section A for more details)

Section 4. Mentoring

LNA will provide its members with mentoring and support to develop professionally. This support will be for employment, education, counseling and any other professional advancement of its members.

Section 4. Principles

a. LNA shall be politically nonpartisan.

b. LNA shall reach out within the BGSU and BG community and appropriate educational agencies and direct itself toward the goals and objectives herewith stated.

c. All general member LNA meetings are open to students, staff, faculty, University Administration, and locally interested community members.

d. LNA shall work closely with the Latino Student Union (LSU), and support other Hispanic/Latino/a student and community-based organizations.


Section 1.

Members of LNA are encouraged to help BGSU in its mission of providing a representative applicant pool for all positions. LNA will work closely with the appropriate university departments to provide assistance in identifying qualified candidates, and information about recruiting such candidates.

In addition, members of LNA will be encouraged to support, mentor and welcome new Hispanic/Latino/a employees to BGSU.


Section 1.

Actively participate in the recruitment and retention of Hispanic/Latino/a students.

Section 2.

Actively participate in the recruitment, retention and promotion of Hispanic/Latino/a faculty and staff. Work toward increasing the number of Hispanic/Latino/a faculty in tenure-track positions.

Section 3.

Seek to be informed about issues in the community related to the education of Hispanic/Latino/a’s (e.g. K-12, higher education and related issues in Ohio)

Section 4.

Work toward the establishment of an endowment.


Section 1: Qualifications

LNA shall be a broadly based organization open to faculty, classified & administrative staff, and retirees, who subscribe to and will work toward the goals of LNA.

Section 2: Rights and Privileges

LNA members shall have the right to participate in deliberations and to vote on all matters coming before the body.

a. Members shall be admitted to LNA as individuals not as representatives of departments, colleges or organizations.

b. The Steering Committee may consider the implementation of membership dues.


Section 1. General Membership Meetings

LNA shall meet once per month, 8 times per year from September to May, unless otherwise determined by the chair. These meetings shall be designated general membership meetings. It shall be the duty of the Steering Committee to send a notice to each member, at least three (3) days prior to the meetings.

Section 2. Special Meetings

Special meetings for any purpose whatsoever may be called at any time by the chair, upon at least 24 hours prior to the proposed meeting.


Section 1. Steering Committee

The officers of LNA shall be known as the Steering Committee. The officers of the Steering Committee shall consist of four (4) members elected by the membership for a term of one (1) year to the offices of chair, vice-chair/chair-elect, secretary, and treasurer. The vice-chair/chair-elect shall assume the office of chair after the election of the in-coming vice-chair/chair, secretary, and treasurer.

Section 2. Elections

Elections shall be held during the last meeting of the spring semester. The officer's terms of office will begin immediately after the elections.

Section 3. Duties

The Steering Committee shall be in charge of the administration of the business of LNA; The Steering Committee shall both schedule and announce meetings for the fall and spring semesters as well as record and distribute minutes of the general meetings prior to the next general meeting.

Section 4. Quorum for Voting

The Steering Committee is authorized to vote on items pertinent to the membership of LNA. A quorum of the Steering Committee is required in order to take action on an item.


Section 1. Constitution and Bylaws

This constitution and bylaws may be amended by the affirmative vote of the majority of the members present at any general membership meeting. Any member of LNA may propose amendments. Amendments shall become effective, if adopted, after the revised constitution and bylaws have been rewritten and presented to the membership at the next general membership meeting for final approval. Adoption and approval will be by a show of hands of the majority of the members present.


Section 1.

The Steering Committee will appoint such committees and task forces as deemed necessary.

All members shall serve for a term of one year as a committee chair or committee member of one year on a specific standing committee such as: Membership, Outreach and Marketing, Fundraising, Equal Employment and Retention, Scholarship. Once the term of two years has been completed on a specific committee, a member can begin serving on another committee as appointed by the steering committee.


Section 1.

1.      This Constitution, its By-laws, were approved by the active membership on September 18, 2014 and became effective immediately




The Latino Networking Alliance (LNA) is committed to serve as an advocate for the needs of the Hispanic/Latino/a faculty, staff and students. Of particular concern are those areas that impact the employment and benefits of faculty and staff.  In serving as an advocate, LNA will work with the respective offices to advocate for the collective and individual needs of faculty, staff and students.

The employment and benefit areas include:

I.                   IN HIRING PRACTICES:

  1. To assure that affirmative action is taken to implement effectively the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.
  2. To assure that affirmative action is taken, so that Federal and State laws against discrimination are respected.
  3. To take any legal action advisable so that all discriminatory barriers should be eliminated in the employment of Hispanic/Latino/a faculty, administrators and classified personnel.
  4. That an equal opportunity be ensured in the practice of hiring Hispanic/Latino/a faculty, administrators and classified personnel.
  5. That all effects of past discriminatory patterns and practices are investigated immediately and remedies applied within a reasonably short period of time.
  6. To assure that Hispanic/Latino/a ‘s employed by Bowling Green State University, are not disproportionate to available supply, and if necessary, action is taken so that it: causes of disproportionate representation are eliminated; and applicants’ pool is developed to increase the number of qualified Hispanic/Latino/a employees.
  7. To assure that complaints made by Hispanic/Latino/a individuals or groups not in the employment of B.G.S.U. receive an affirmative action so that nobody should be affected by any kind of employment discrimination.
  8. To assure that when positions are opened for qualified Hispanic/Latino/a candidates, such positions will not be' canceled after being advertised and/or screening committees established.


  1. To assure that Hispanic/Latino/a employees be fairly treated by all promotion committees, chairperson, deans, Vice President’s or any other person or persons responsible for their social, economic and academic welfare.
  2. To assure that affirmative action is taken to remedy each and every verified and confirmed case of illegal discrimination by unjustified delays or denials in the promotion of Hispanic/Latino/a employees.

III.             IN UPGRADING:

  1. To assure that no Hispanic/Latino/a employee experience any intimidation, humiliation, insult, etc., from his/her superiors and/or colleagues, connoting references to his/her Hispanic/Latino/a culture, identity, temperament, language, religious preference, etc.
  2. To assure that Hispanic/Latino/a identity is taken into consideration for specific selections and/or appointments, when such Hispanic/Latino/a identity is a positive asset to assure effective representation, cultural understanding, linguistic communication, etc.
  3. To assure that Hispanic/Latino/a employees do not experience uncommon and/or suspicious practices in the supervision and/or evaluation of their job performance.
  4. To assure that Hispanic/Latino/a employees do not experience underrating of their professional qualifications resulting from stereotyped assumptions based on their Hispanic identity.
  5. To assure that Hispanic/Latino/a employees "shall be free from restrain, interference, coercion, discrimination or reprisal in any state in the presentation and processing of a complaint," as guaranteed in the Ohio Fair Employment Practice Act (123: 1-49-16).


  1. To assure that Hispanic/Latino/a employees do not experience uncommon and/or suspicious practices in the process of awarding them with tenure.
  2. To assure that the Hispanic/Latino/a identity does not affect negatively to any person in their department, school, college, office etc.


  1. To denounce and ask for affirmative action when Hispanic/Latino/a faculty, administrators and/or qualified personnel are "de facto" excluded from their participation in making decisions that relate to the quality of their department, office, school, etc. and/or to professional concerns of its members.
  2. To study and evaluate the facts of Hispanic/Latino/a faculty not elected to : (a) Standing Ad Hoc University Committees, (b) Senate Committee on Committees, (c) Senate Executive Committee, (d) College Council or Committees, and (e) major committees of his/her department, office, school, college, etc.
  3. To assure that qualified and interested Hispanic/Latino/a employees have adequate and equitable opportunity to serve and/or be elected.
  4. To assure that Hispanics/Latino/a’s are not ignored and/or excluded by any institution, organization, committee or other "legal person" formulating proposals in which they have a constitutional right to be active participants.
  5. To denounce any philosophical position in which the uniqueness of their ethnicity does not appear clearly accepted.
  6. To demand that their ethnicity is granted independence and representation equal to the independence and representation enjoyed by other minorities.