2010/2011 Goals and Priorities

As an advocate for positive human relations for all members of the Bowling Green State University community, the Commission shall:

  • Expand the B!G on Respect Video Contest to include faculty and staff submissions
  • Continue to build connections with the City of Bowling Green HRC
  • Provide professional development workshops for HRC members, focusing on diversity training, cross-cultural communication, and relating to people with various viewpoints
  • Facilitate discussion among staff and faculty about workplace climate issues, especially the need for civility and respect

Annual Goals of the HRC

  • Promote an environment in which students, faculty, and staff work and recreate with dignity and respect
  • Promote academic freedom for all members of the community
  • Promote the exchange of intercultural ideas and values
  • Ensure that all members of its community are treated fairly and justly and that its affairs can be conducted in a collegial fashion with equal professional and educational opportunity for all
  • Provide an atmosphere in which positive and sensitive adjustments to social problems and opportunities are encouraged